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Ariana Ostrow began her career in travel writing in 2008 during hertime spent living abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Editor of
The Garden Route has dreamy scenery

South Africa: Take the Garden Route

A rugged coastline dotted with hidden coves, dense indigenous forests, golden beaches, dramatic cliffs and gorges, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with majestic mountains as the backdrop – it’s no wonder the Garden Route is known as South…


Kilimanjaro’s a Walk in the Park!

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak at 5896m, and hundreds of trekkers scale the volcanic mountain each year. The destination remains popular as it’s possible to reach the peak without technical experience, yet the climb is far from an easy…

vacation apartments in New York

The Magic Of Christmas In New York City

The city of New York is always alive with excitement. However, there is something even more magical about New York during Christmastime. This time of year is enchanted by an abundance of lights and decorations. The air is filled with…


See the World One Flight at a Time

Travelling has become so much cheaper than it used to be, with the massive growth in the budget airline industry. Now you can fly all over Europe at really great prices you don’t have to take travel as seriously as…

credit cards in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates: A Few Key Don’ts

Are you planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates? UEA is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world, since the country offers unforgettable holidays, world class shopping, sports, sand, sea, fantastic foods, intriguing culture, five star hotels,…