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How to adjust to life in Japan

So, you’ve secured a position with a company in Japan: congratulations! Not only will this look good on your resume, you will also get to live in one of the world’s most intriguing countries. Unfortunately, it is also a nation…


Best Cities to Visit in Asia

When I first left home with my backpack, I followed a route which many of those had taken before me and headed off to the Far East to both find myself and discover a World which I had no idea…


What’s New at Disney in 2016

This quintessential family vacation destination is always changing. Whether your kids are begging you to go or you are a child at heart, if you have been hundreds of times or if this is your first, here is what’s new…

Dubai — Fit for a Student

In addition to learning about different cultures, acquiring new expertise and making lifelong relationships, studying abroad can greatly improve your job prospects too.

Shop Till You Drop in Beautiful Dubai

There’s no denying the glitz and glamour of Dubai. The city’s become one of the hottest tourist destinations in recent years, thanks in part to its amazing shopping facilities. Here are some suggestions of where to shop in the majestic…


Vietnam: A Country of Contrasts

Vietnam is a country with an unfortunate recent history, but the vast majority of its inhabitants have now magnanimously put the carpet bombing and napalm behind them and look forward to a bright future based mainly on their considerable natural…


Sights and Sounds of Dubai

Whether you are a tourist, business visitor, just passing through or a home owner with property in Dubai, there are certain sights and sounds of this city that you cannot afford to miss.