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Top Tips For a Romantic Break In Paris

Europe offers some of the finest cities where you can take a romantic break with your loved one. From the classic beauty of Budapest, the chilled-out vibes of Berlin to the scenic beauty of Edinburgh, this continent is truly the…


Fun in the Sun in Les Arcs Ski Area If the thought of braving freezing temperatures on a ski field is not really your idea of fun perhaps you have never considered skiing in Les Arcs in the French Alps. Les Arcs is the ski area built with…


Summer in Paris

They say that Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. But couple the French capital with the summer of love and who knows what kind of an explosion may result? Make no mistake about it. 2014…

7 Casinos to Visit in France

Casino games and poker lovers who are on their way to France would not be disappointed although this is not Las Vegas the country has its fair share of casinos.

A Non-Hostile Hostel

A Non-Hostile Experience

During to my travels to both Edinburgh and Paris a youth hostel was my accommodation of choice. Begin on a pretty tight budget; financially they just made the most sense to me. They are easy to find and read up…


A Long Weekend in the Bordeaux Triangle

Paris, Marseille and plenty of other French cities have a dazzling amount of charm and attractions, but those looking for a more sedate, rustic and authentic getaway in France can find it on a weekend’s driving holiday in the Bordeaux…