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What You Didn’t Know About Malta

It didn’t take much for this writer to figure out what she didn’t know about Malta. It turns out what I didn’t know about Malta was everything! If you find yourself in the same dark place as I am in about…

Find bed and breakfasts in Berlin

Holiday 2013: Berlin’s Hippest Spots

A little more than 20 years ago, Berlin was a city divided. Literally split in two by the Berlin Wall, half of the city was guarded by trip wires, vicious dogs and rifle-wielding marksmen. When the Wall came down, though,…

Gaver, Italian Alps 7

Skiing In The Italian Alps

Traditionally considered an economical option for those looking to ski the Alps, Italy’s resorts provide beautiful surroundings and great skiing that is generally suited to beginner and intermediate skill levels.


Fifty Shades of Glasgow

Despite its grey, industrialised image, the biggest city in Scotland has everything going for it. The shopping is fabulous, particularly upmarket Buchanan Street, with its gorgeous Princes Centre mall.  The city has always had a great nightlife, now updated by…


A Long Weekend in the Bordeaux Triangle

Paris, Marseille and plenty of other French cities have a dazzling amount of charm and attractions, but those looking for a more sedate, rustic and authentic getaway in France can find it on a weekend’s driving holiday in the Bordeaux…