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Why You Should Consider a Singles Holiday

Just because you do not have a significant other with whom to travel, does not mean that you cannot have a great time on holiday. In fact some can argue that going alone allows you to have much more fun….


Caribbean Travel Guide

There are over 5,000 islands, cays, and reefs that make up the Caribbean, with each having its own attractions. In the last few decades, even the most secluded islands have been turned into the most exclusive holiday destinations in the…


Great Winter Family Vacation Ideas: St Martin

St. Martin/St. Maarten is a quaint little Caribbean colonial island split between the French and the Dutch. While the Dutch side St. Maarten is better known for its casinos and nightlife, French St. Martin offers quieter inspirations such as its golden-sand…

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Escape to the US Virgin Islands

Perfect weather, turquoise waters, a laid-back local vibe: The US Virgin Islands are a vacationer’s dream. Situated near Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea, this verdant island chain boasts some of the area’s most breathtaking scenery, and it’s absolutely buzzing…


Visiting St. Martin On A Budget

Perched in the northeast Caribbean, the island of St. Martin is small tropical paradise that is divided between France and the Netherlands. French influence is seen in the northern part, while the southern section is referred to as “Sint Maarten”…