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22 Bizarre Facts About Thailand

Thailand can be a crazy place, but traveling while you’re there may be even crazier. If you’re traveling with children in Thailand overnight as a visitor, our recent blog post may give you some helpful tips.


Luxury Mountain Escapes

By Rich Palese When the cold of winter hits, outdoor enthusiasts bundle up and hit the slopes for an exciting weekend of skiing, snowboarding and other invigorating activities. This season, instead of curling up under the covers and hibernating, book…

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7 Travel Tools You Really Don’t Need

In-flight magazines and online shopping websites are filled with amazing travel gadgets. They’re often designed by people who love travel, and they’re created to help us overcome the obstacles that we face on our journeys. Unfortunately, some of these creations…


4 Reasons to Start Blogging About Your Travels

Exploring the world is sometimes so overwhelmingly exciting and stimulating that it’s often difficult to remember just exactly what you felt and experienced in some of those most crucial moments. Starting a travel blog however, one that simply charts your…


Why Maui is Still the Perfect Paradise Destination

In the recent decades, thanks to the fall in cost of global travel and the growing increase of a DIY-attitude, the number of people attracted to experiencing true paradise on holiday has diminished in light of cheap and cheerful backpacking…

Top 3 Shore Diving Locations In The World

When it comes to shore diving, there are so many interesting options that are available for travelers from all around the world. It is not at all difficult to find something that is really great but, obviously, some destinations are…