Enjoying London Even in the Dreary Winter

Winter in London is not all that dreary that some people make it out to be. It may not have the exotic warm environment of the sandy beaches of the Caribbean but it has its own charm and attractions that…


Things to do near Paddington

If you have been planning to pay a visit to the English capital then you can surely consider making every plan well in advance. London happens to be the city of dreams that continues to entice the attention of every…


Stuff Your Face at Borough Market

London has lots of great markets. There’s rare vinyl at Brick Lane, more trinkets than you could shake a stick at along Portobello Road, and anything you could think of from white goods to oil paintings at Old Spitalfields Market….


Carluccio’s Offers Authentic Italian Food in London

With a large number of restaurants in the UK, Carluccio’s is the place to go if you are craving for authentic Italian food at affordable prices. Some of Carluccio’s Italian restaurants in London offering quality Italian cuisine include at Bentalls…


How to take great travel photography

After going through your travel photos from your recent vacation, you can’t help but lament how much they pale in comparison to some of the shots that your favorite travel instagrammers snap. Want to know how to take great travel…

The Cuming Museum on Walworth Road, Southwark, London, England

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Why you should take a trip to the Cuming Museum

The Cuming Museum is one of the museums that often goes overlooked when visitors make their way to London. Found in Walworth Road, within the borough of Southwark – the venue houses collections from the famous Cuming family. Over a…


St Patrick’s Day in the City

St Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration which takes place in March. St Patrick is a patron Saint of Ireland and each year the day is traditionally celebrated with a feast and a national holiday in Ireland. Further afield…


Great Travel Apps

Bravolol: This is a brilliant translation app for long journeys which are taking in several countries where more than one language is spoken. Bravolol is a digital phrasebook containing over 18 languages, and while it won’t get you to an…