4 Great Luxury Holidays in the UK

Excellent cuisine, comfortable accommodation and remarkable local culture are all essentials of the luxury traveller’s itinerary. While a large number of people travel overseas to enjoy the height of luxury, many more choose to stay here in the UK.

From five-star hotel suites to beautiful private cottages, read on to discover what’s available in four of the UK’s top luxury holiday destinations.

  1. London

Shop until you drop in the United Kingdom’s historical, commercial and cultural capital. Home to over eight million people, London is the UK’s travel hotspot for both budget tourist and the international jet set.

London’s shopping districts are some of the best in the world, and its selection of high-end hotels is truly remarkable. While this busy destination is a little light on rest and relaxation, its beautiful parks make for a great daytime picnic location.

  1. Somerset

Wonderful beaches, charming boutique hotels and great historical destinations all make Somerset an excellent holiday destination. Popular amongst the café society for centuries, Somerset’s historical towns continue to attract millions of people.

The town of Bath is one of England’s top tourism destinations, boasting a variety of ancient Roman buildings and impressive Gothic churches. Book early to secure one of the town’s top hotel suites and avoid the crowds of people that visit in summer.

  1. The Lake District

From beautiful mountains to quiet and peaceful lakeside towns, the Lake District is a truly remarkable destination. Known for its boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts, the Lake District is a great destination for the luxury traveller.

Enjoy wonderful local food, an excellent variety of great activities and scenery that’s truly second-to-none in this beautiful part of England. Holidays in the Lake District are becoming even more popular as new attractions and hotels continue to open.

  1. The Peak District

One of England’s most picturesque destinations, the Peak District has long been a favourite of luxury travellers. Charming country cottages and stylish classic hotels make this part of the country a wonderful place to rest, relax, and recuperate.

Thanks to the Peak District’s central location in England, it’s one of the country’s easiest destinations to reach by road. Travel by yourself or rent a classic car while you’re here to truly appreciate the region’s winding roads and excellent scenery.