Desirable Locations for a French Luxury Holiday


When it comes to luxurious holidays there are few places which offer the level of opulence that you can find in France, and there are destinations throughout the country which make for a truly luxurious break. Luxury travel covers a wide range holiday types from extravagant hotels, quaint beachside hideaways, lavish villas and classic city living, and France has all of these abundance.

If you think that it is time to get some luxury in your life then these French destinations may be just to your liking.


Cannes has become incredibly famous amongst the world’s richest as a place to truly enjoy the splendors of wealth and luxury, and for the most luxurious stay in the country this should be top of your list. Owing to the elite clientele who enjoy breaks to Cannes each year the infrastructure in the city is aimed at those who are seeking plush, upscale breaks. The hotels are charming  and artistically decorate, the service is outstanding and the beaches here are some of the finest in France. To really do Cannes in style look for a luxury villa to rent on the sea front, the closest place to paradise which you are likely to find.


It would be remiss of us not to mention Paris in this list, a city which makes for the perfect city regardless of budget. Instead of peering over the wall at those who are really making the most out of the plush side of the city, you can be a part of it. From architecture to art, high end boutique hotels to some of eh finest fashion boutiques in the world, Paris is a city which is designed for the luxurious traveler.


Nice, like Cannes is situated on the gorgeous French Riviera, and it is a city which you will instantly fall in love with. Whether you are renting villas or seeking out a luxurious hotels, Nice has some of the most upscale and lavish accommodation options in the country. Inside the city you’ll find Michelin starred restaurants, palatial spas and Art Deco buildings, outside the city you are blessed with a view straight out to the Coast of Azure, rich in deep blue by day, and lit up by the starry sky at night.


Colmar is one of France’s true gems, found in the heart of the Alsace region in the northeast of the country on the Rhine river plain. This countryside retreat is the epitome of excellence and luxury. Food and wine are high on the agenda here and many of the hotels and villas are nestled in-between the many vineyards in and around Colmar. A river network cuts through the town, splicing stunning architecture and lush natural landscapes. If it is tranquility combined with luxury that you are looking for from a holiday then look no further than Colmar, with its 5 star hotels, outstanding scenery, quality food,  fine wine and swanky spas.

Which of these do you think you’d like to visit first?