5 Tips for your Travel Plans in Summer 2013

Go Orange in Amsterdam

This year, join the city of Amsterdam as they celebrate the 400th Anniversary of its famed canals. Already, canal tours are pretty popular, giving you unique views of the city. There are planned festivities happening this summer, you shouldn’t miss out. However, Amsterdam is so much more than just canals. There are museums, a reputable diamond industry, classical performances, as well as impressive buildings and churches. The art industry here is particularly vibrant, with thematic museums all around. Visit the Rembrandt House Museum, Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum which specifically deals in modern art. The culture and warmth available here are priceless, an experience for the tasteful tourist.

Don’t forget your travel insurance

While many travellers do not see the need, travel insurance is a necessity for any serious vacation. It is not wise to put yourself, your luggage, and your hard earned money at risk. So get yourself covered before going. Good travel insurance isn’t that hard to find nowadays, a quick internet search will do the trick. It is recommended you get a comprehensive insurance cover whether you’re going on a round the world trip or just need travel insurance for a short business trip. However, make sure you read between the lines, asking as many questions as you can.

Explore Russia

Russia’s grandeur is evident as soon as you step off in Moscow. Its architecture, the people, and the famed drinks are waiting to be discovered. Travel to St Petersburg, the Venice of the North. With its charming waterways, grand museums, and remarkable Opera houses, it is little wonder it is the Cultural Capital of the country. For more sporty experience, head to Russia’s Third Capital: Kazan. This year, the city hosts the 2013 Summer Universaide . For a more comprehensive visit, try the Trans-Siberian Rail route on a luxury train. Get enchanted by the old cities, diverse cultures, and sweeping landscapes that Russia has to offer.

Sample India

This summer, India is one of the hottest destinations around. This continental country has so much to offer, and honestly the summer isn’t enough time to sample of it. Head over to the country’s famed beach cities for a sun bathing and cultural experience like no other. You have to visit Jaipur, India’s Pink city. Experience the pomp of the Teej Festival, as well as the color of the Ganguar Festival, a follow up of the colorful Holi festival. Stay in the Chokhi Dhani Jaipur resort for the perfect place to relax after a day’s exploring. Fall in love with India from its Northern side.

Marvel at the Czech Republic

There are lots of great places in the Czech Republic to visit, but not many meet the standards of Moravia. There is so much to taste and see. Moravia is home to beautiful castles and chateux, amazing natural phenomena, and interesting UNESCO sights. One of the most unique features is the beautiful Lednice-Valtice Complex, the world’s biggest landscaped countryside. The Znojemkso region hosts a large wine festival every summer, complete with royal performances and traditional feats. The culture on offer here is simply amazing. Become a little adventurous and head to the Moravian Karst, a large cave complex with more than a thousand caves waiting to be seen. Indeed, this little known corner of the world has beauty, grace, and culture that is difficult to replicate.


This is a guest post from Tom at Top Backpacking Destinations.