5 Tips for Novice Motocross and Off-Road Riders

Not all riders are drawn to the road–some head straight for the dirt. Off-road riding is a little different than street riding for obvious reasons–namely, a road. If you’re just starting out, here are some tips to keep in mind before hitting the trail.


  • Suit Up

Before taking your first ride, make sure you have the proper safety equipment. Accidents can happen to anyone, but especially to new riders. Always wear a helmet, gloves and appropriate footwear.

  • Familiarize Yourself With the Machine

Once on your dirt bike or ATV, get to know the machine. Twist the throttle, squeeze the brakes, run through the gears and feel out the weight distribution of your ride. s

  • Take It Slow

Mud tires for ATVs and dirt bikes don’t have the same properties as road tires. That being said, you need to take it slow, especially in the beginning. These machines can get through all sorts of terrain, but that doesn’t mean you can trail blaze through woods at 40 MPH.

  • Follow an Experienced Rider

On your first few rides, it’s best to have an experienced rider tag along. He or she can give pointers while helping you navigate difficult terrain. Plus, it’s always beneficial to have an extra set of hands in the event of an accident.

  • Practice 

As with all new skills, practice makes perfect. The best way to become a better rider is to ride as much as you can. Be sure to head out in different conditions, including rain and wind, to become a more adept rider. Eventually, if you ever enter a race, you’ll be prepared for whatever weather race day has in store for you.

While it takes some time getting used to, with a little practice, you can become a proficient off-road rider. What are you waiting for? Find dirt bike and ATV parts online and get your machine ready for the trail.