6 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Italy

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful historical buildings, one of the greatest cuisines, and a wide range of cities that suit every traveller’s taste, Italy is one of the greatest European travel destinations for a long list of very good reasons.

Many people, however, don’t know everything about Italy’s undeniable charm. From its incredible assortment of museums to its healthy accommodation sector, read on to learn six surprising and amazing facts about Europe’s most scenic nation.

  1. Italy is Europe’s hotel capital

Did you know that Italy has more hotel rooms than any other European country? As one of the continent’s most visited countries, Italy boasts more hotel rooms than any other nation in Europe, including highly populated nations like France and Germany.

  1. Italy is home to over 3,000 museums

Formerly home to one of the world’s most successful ancient civilisations, Italy has a huge amount of historical wisdom to pass on to visitors. From Milan to Palermo, the nation’s 3,000+ museums are more than enough to keep travellers occupied. Here is a vast list of the best museums to enjoy.

  1. Italy is the world’s capital of wine

Tell most people that you’re visiting Europe’s wine capital and they’ll assume you’ve booked a trip to France. Italy, however, produces more wine than any other country, not just in Europe but in the entire world. So why not swap that cut of tea for a glass of the world’s finest wine?

  1. Italy is Europe’s artistic hotspot

From its gorgeous historical buildings to its incredible art museums, Italy is home to more treasures than anywhere else on earth. Long ranked the world’s best country for artists, Italy boasts more artistic masterpieces per capita than any other country.

  1. One of Italy’s top treasures is being destroyed… by footsteps

Michelangelo’s famous marble sculpture of David is so popular amongst visitors to Italy that art preservationists are concerned it might be gradually eroded by vibrations from visiting tourists.

To stop damage to the famous statue, they plan to install a shock absorber to keep it safe and sturdy.

  1. On average, Italians drink a glass of wine every single day

As the world’s wine capital, Italy is home to some dedicated wine drinkers. With an average wine consumption figure of 300 million cases per year, which equates to 53 litres per person per year, Italy drinks more wine than anywhere else in Europe, apart from France, Luxembourg, and Portugal.

Having said this; that doesn’t mean that you have to be an avid wine-drinker to visit the country. You can still order a pint or a pot of tea, in any of the various dining establishments.

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