6 Kiwi Food Souvenirs

New Zealand is known for many things! They have a lot of wonderful destinations such as thermal springs, beaches and forests. The number of camp sites in the country is also awesome especially. However, there are many things that are often overlooked about this country, and one of these things is the food. People who are traveling to the country are surely looking for souvenirs to bring home and although a lot of travelers look for something that they can display at home or place on their desk, there are some who prefer to buy something edible. If you are a foodie who is intent on bringing home a taste of the country, here are some of the best items to bring home.

Manuka Honey


This is actually one of the most popular products from the country. Being one of the top exports of New Zealand, you can actually find the honey in various places around the world but you would have more choices if you bought it from Auckland. Plus, it is cheaper to buy it here. This honey is rumored to have wonderful healing abilities and it is also good for one’s digestion. Due to its distinct characteristics, manuka honey is available in many forms such as toothpaste, ointment and honey jam.

Kiwi Chocolate


Almost everyone loves sweet stuff and when you are on your way home from New Zealand, you should stop to buy kiwi chocolate. There are a lot of chocolate companies in the country, but the favorite brands in the country include Whittaker’s, Trade Me, Edmonds, Air New Zealand and Heinz Wattie’s.

Kiwi/Manuka Honey Shortbread

honey bread

Cookies and shortbreads from New Zealand is unlike everything else that you have tried because they are made from unique ingredients and cooked the Kiwi way. Two of the most popular products in the country are manuka honey and kiwi and it is just fitting to bring home shortbreads made from these ingredients as they are great souvenir items. These cookies make great gifts and you can also serve them with tea.

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

A lot of people are familiar with virgin coconut oil but there is also another kind of oil which is such a treat and you can find it in New Zealand’s supermarket shelves. This avocado oil is available in plain or infused varieties and you can do a lot with this oil once you get home.

Spruce Beer


This is surely one thing that you shouldn’t forget when you are traveling to New Zealand and you love beer. In fact, some of the beer concoctions sold in the country are based on what Captain Cook made in 1773. The first thing that you will notice about this beer is the smell of various spices. People have different reactions to this beer but it is surely worth a taste.


New Zealand has much to offer than just beer as it has an awesome selection of wines right off the country’s vine yards. If you still have space in your luggage, a bottle or two of wine would make a great souvenir and it would be something that will surely make you remember fond memories of what you experienced in the country. In New Zealand, wine is produced in different locations in the northern and the southern regions of the country and each of these wineries have specialties that they are proud of. If you don’t think that the wine bottles can fit in your luggage, you can have the wine cases sent to your address but be sure to observe the laws on importing liquor.

New Zealand offers so much more especially for foodies who are looking for awesome eats. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to stash much of the country’s cuisine inside a backpack although you can bring home some of New Zealand’s foodstuff.