African Bucket List: What’s On Your Bucket List?


Some people who feel they haven’t lived enough will think about writing a list of things they want to see and do before they pass away. It might involve things like trying a new cuisine, taking up a hobby or something a little more adventurous like going on an once-in-a-lifetime holiday. That idea regularly features on many people’s ‘bucket lists’.

This infographic created by Mahlatini has plenty of suggestions for activities and destinations that everyone should see or do before they die, and they’re all pretty impressive. If you decide to climb to the top of Table Mountain or watch the wildebeest roam, you’re unlikely to forget what you saw in a hurry, which is what many people want from an adventure holiday.

An adventure holiday can constitute anything you want. It could involve watching the sun rise or set from a picturesque location, going for a swim with some of the world’s most dangerous animals or something completely left field like hand gliding over the savannah. Africa is the perfect place to do such things.
The African bucket list infographic

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