All About All Inclusive Vacations – Myths & Misconceptions

Today, traveller interest in all inclusive vacations has greatly increased. For savvy travelers, getting a great deal is important when planning a vacation which is why there is such an interest in all inclusive vacations. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about the all inclusive vacation package which can sometimes give people the wrong impression about what is included in these vacation packages. Below is a guide on all inclusive vacations that will help dispel some of the myths and misconceptions.

Myth #1. All Inclusive Vacations Are Too Costly

At first glance, an all inclusive vacation can seem very expensive. However, when looking at each travel item included in a particular package such as flight, accommodations, car rental, and discounts on specific activities and attractions, you will find that paying for each one separate will cost more than if purchased in a bundle for one price. Getting good value for an all inclusive package means getting the bundled services and features that you need and will use during your vacation. Costs vary according to the type of all inclusive you purchase. For example, and all inclusive at a luxury resort will cost more than an all inclusive that includes staying at a regular hotel.

Myth #2. All Inclusive Vacations Are Crowded With No Privacy.

All inclusive vacation packages vary in terms of the features, services, and amenities that they offer. If you would like a vacation where you will be going from activity to another all day long, you will find one. However, if you want privacy such as couples romantic get-away, there are all inclusive vacations that cater to couples in private areas such as a secluded tropical beach. You can be as active as you want when on an all inclusive vacation that caters to couples. There are as many different resort personalities as there are different types of travellers. There are resorts that offer a laid-back atmosphere and there are resorts that cater to the party atmosphere.

Myth #3. All Inclusive Vacations Can Get Boring

All inclusive vacations are not boring as they offer travellers a lot to see and do. You can get out and explore the area, immerse yourself in the culture, and check out the local attractions and activities. Depending on where you will be spending your vacation, you can take part in any of the activities being offered in the area. You are not just confined to the items included in the vacation package. In addition, if you are staying at a resort, you not only get to enjoy all of the recreational activities offered, but you do not have to spend all of your time at the resort. If you want, you can get out and explore the destination area.

Myth #4. The Food Is Boring And The Same Each Day

Many people think that an all inclusive vacation means you have to eat the same type of food each day from the same place. This is a myth as the food is prepared by experienced chefs so you will be assured of high quality and taste. As well, many resorts offer more than one sit-down restaurant as well as a magnificent buffet. Daily menus can change at an all-inclusive, and they also offer special events such as a beach buffet. If you really want to spice up the vacation, you have the option of taking a trip out to dine at a locale restaurant. The quality of food will vary among resorts so do your homework such as reading guest reviews to learn about other experiences.

Myth #5. There Are Hidden Costs

All-Inclusive Vacation packages are designed to show travellers exactly what they will be paying before they book. However, there could be a few minor extra costs such as telephone bill or ordering movies to watch in the room or suite, or service tips. Additionally, excursions such as day-trips offered by outside companies may mean you pay out-of-pocket. The key to getting a good all inclusive vacation is to review a package to thoroughly understand what you will be getting and the charges. If you are concerned, you can ask for further clarification. The ‘all inclusive’ in all-inclusive vacations, particularly all inclusive resorts, means different things to different resorts.

As you can see, when adding up all of the services and amenities that can be included in an all inclusive vacation, it is easy to see that all inclusive vacations are economical and it is easy to find a vacation package that accommodates your particular travel needs and desires.