Best Ways to Travel: Exploring Eurostar Breaks

France and Spain are notoriously popular holiday destinations. France is obviously convenient because of its proximity to the UK, and Spain is doused in sunlight most of the year round, but Europe is also made up of many other countries that many Brits forget to explore. Germany, for example, is a country full of great food, culture and scenery, yet Britons barely bat an eye-lid at its potential for a holiday. For some reason, people see an imaginary line that that passes through France from north to south, dividing it from the rest of Europe. Anything on the UK side of the line is a possible travel destination, while the other side is a no-go zone. Yet, across the line, there’s a whole range of countries offering the perfect setting to enjoy a city break. And you can book with ease using a travel operator like Superbreak.

Europe is known for its fantastic and convenient train travel, and thanks to the Eurostar connection from London, international train travel from the UK is gloriously easy. The Eurostar’s most famous and popular route runs between London and Paris, but it’s not the train’s only journey. The Eurostar travels to numerous cities in Europe, and for those cities that it doesn’t have a direct link to, there are simple connections with corresponding trains.

Cheap weekend breaks don’t have to be limited to France and Spain. When it comes time to plan your next short escape, look beyond the ordinary and consider Eurostar breaks with Superbreak. So, where to go?

Brussels, Belgium

The Eurostar provides a direct route between London and Brussels in just over two hours. This beautiful city is full of parallels which show its mix between French and Flemish culture. There is a mix of ancient grandeur and modern trends. Brimming with cafes and restaurants serving fine food, Brussels is great for shopping, dining and, of course, chocolate.

Cologne, Germany

The city of Cologne is all about history and architecture. It oozes with culture, with beer halls that rival Bavaria and a myriad of museums. The city skyline is filled with the gothic spires of the Cologne Cathedral, commonly referred to as the ‘Dom’, and wandering around the city you’re likely to run into ancient Roman walls and medieval churches. From London, the Eurostar, via a quick connection in Aachen, Germany, the trip takes about four hours.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This two-wheeling, artistic, historic and cosmopolitan city is one of the most weekend break-friendly destinations in Europe. It’s easy to get around, there’s plenty to do, and it’s easy to get to from the UK – four and half hours via the Eurostar and you’ll be in the centre of the city. Wandering next to the canals, exploring the Van Gogh Museum, relaxing in a café, or stumbling into one of the many tiny shops are all ways to spend your days in this famously cosy and chic city.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a completely unique city, unlike any other in Belgium – and it’s popular among tourists. While it’s often crowded, Bruges is a city you have to see. Although the city has undergone an intense overhaul to maintain its historic appearance, it’s one of Europe’s most perfectly preserved and appears to be the same as it was centuries ago. You’re likely to see quaint market squares and picturesque canals alongside gorgeous old houses as you meander along the busy streets. From London, you can find yourself in Bruges in less than three hours.