Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Ireland

Contemporary Northern Ireland is famous for its music, its Guinness and whiskey, its hospitality and its wonderful scenery, among many other delights. It’s one of those countries that many find themselves visiting time and time again. 

Wonderful scenery

Some of the most astonishing scenery is to be found in the North of the country. The region is frequently used as a setting for film productions and if you want to visit this area then take one of the Giants Causeway Guided Tours that are available to see it in all its glory. Remember that this is where giants once fought and in common with the rest of the country the region is steeped in history. If you are visiting Belfast, try and take a trip on nearby Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the whole of the British Isles and famous for its fishing and wildlife.


Bushmills whiskey is famous the world over and a visit to the Bushmills distillery in County Antrim is imperative. The distillery has been in operation for over 400 years and even if you’re not a drinker the whole process of distillation is fascinating. Even though Guinness is brewed in Dublin, you’ll be able to sample this dark delight in any of the bars across the north.

Derry, City of Culture

2013 is the year that Derry/Londonderry became the European city of culture and in celebration of this honour the city is hosting numerous events. From new plays to traditional singing, to the city’s forthcoming Halloween carnival there is something for everyone. Those who prefer contemporary music will be delighted to see that Professor Green will be a headline act for the North West PEACE III Showcase in November.

Adventures outdoors

The Mourne Mountains in County Down have been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and are an ideal venue for anyone who wants to explore the scenic beauty of the province. The town of Newcastle is a recommended venue for those who wish to spend a few days here and abseiling, mountain biking and mountain boarding and other sports are available for those who have a spirit of adventure. Don’t be put off if it’s raining at the start of your day, the climate is changeable and by the end of the day you could be revelling in clear skies and magnificent sunsets.

The food

Northern Ireland is rich in agriculture and fishing, and when you visit you should try some local food. Soda bread is delicious when still warm and used to mop up the juices of a homemade stew or even an Ulster Fry – not good for the calories but wonderful for its taste. Potatoes cakes or Boxty are similar in taste to Rosti and you really shouldn’t leave the province without trying some traditional Dulse. This snack is made from seaweed and is also used by Northern Ireland’s Causeway Cheese Company in the production of their cheese. Of course, the Irish stew is world famous and will be a wonderful dish at the end of an energetic day of sightseeing.