Highlighting Travel to Cyprus

Many dream of exotic travel that centres on Cyprus Holidays which are all inclusive in the European Mediterranean. This is the tantalizing location that looks at the shores of Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, but is not associated with these countries because Cyprus has its own identity. It basks in the culture of Western Europe, but its location and closeness to Asia and Africa gives it an Eastern flair. The mainland of Greece is proud to wink at the treasure that is Cyprus, and it is happy to admit that this location has its own personality and character.

Visit the official island of the goddess, Aphrodite. This concept may make this island the place for love and for experiencing exotic adventures. Some of the well-known tourist areas are Pafos, Agia Napa and Lemesos, and these areas are, generally, British in their presentation and appeal. They also have British-style pubs to support this assertion, and they are a genuine tourist attraction as well.

However, those who travel outside of these cities will find the small villages of the Akamas Peninsula. They will also find and appreciate the spectacular beaches of the Karpas Peninsula. Visitors enjoy a stroll along the inviting Troödos, Kyrenia and the North coast. A bonus feature is the aroma of the citrus groves of Morfou, a visit to the medieval castles and a good look at the glorious island views.

Diving enthusiasts are drawn to Cyprus because it is an ideal location for many varied and fascinating diving adventures. Larnaka or Lemesos are places to explore for diving. Many like to check out the Zenobia shipwreck because it is highly-rated as a hot spot for those who enjoy diving for sunken cargo ships, and it is located just off the coast of Larnaka, which sank in 1980. Divers in this area also enjoy looking at huge tuna, barracuda, amberjack and eel.

Accomplished divers may also visit the shipwreck of the Vera K in Paphos, which sank in the 1970s. In addition, divers who are on a romantic adventure may like to take underwater pictures of themselves under the two arches of this ship because it has one of the most romantic backgrounds in all of Cyprus.

There are three different types of walking tours in Lemesos, and they are a no-cost type of entertainment, which makes them quite popular. One is known as a Stroll in Neapolis. This is a guided tour that explores the Lemesos’ historic centre, its monuments, crafting shops, farmer’s markets and traditional shops.

Another is Germasogeia, which has a nickname that involves a village that has a great deal of blessed water all around it. The walking tour has an interesting theme of water that includes a visit to the village dam. Walkers also have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of the village, and they have the joy associated with enjoyed local color and street activities.

Discovering the Natural Environment is the theme of another guided walk in Germasogeiais that is designed for the more ambitious. It requires a higher level of fitness, and it follows a nature trail.

Photo Credit: Glen Bowman