Is Lanzarote the right place for your couples holiday?

With the breeze blowing in your hair as you look out over the sun setting across the sparkling sea, Lanzarote ticks all the boxes for being the ultimate romantic getaway. With palm trees to lounge under as well as plenty of shops, bars and daytrips to escape any drying pool-side conversation there isn’t much it lacks. But like all things a few aspects are ready to take the edge off the ideal seeming sheen Lanzarote has. Mainly this is, in the peak season when Lanzarote becomes a haven for families. Unless of course, battling three-year olds for a spot on the beach is a pass time you and your partner enjoy together.

Records of human civilisation on the island date back to 1100 BC providing the area with it’s own cultural history. Whilst this could add a deeper level to your couples break it can’t be denied that the main attraction of Lanzarote is the weather and the natural beauty.

The National Parks ensure beautiful protected landscaped and beaches perfect if you want to escape the pollution and chaos of home with a sense of space around you. The volcanoes and craters are awe-inspiring sights and when your guide on the volcanoes burns hay in natural craters or fries an egg on the ground you’ll have experiences to share forever. However these areas are also inevitably destinations for large families and groups of tourists so if you want to escape with just the two of you oblivious to the outside world this is not the ideal destination.

If a busy atmosphere is what you enjoy then Lanzarote would be perfect. Many restaurants are available, especially in Arrecife serving local specialities including toasted maize and white cheese, fresh seafood and Spanish tapas and could prove the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

There are many resorts to choose from all have friendly atmospheres and it is possible to find different hotels with carrying characteristics to suit your needs. The be live lanzarote resort is one of many in convenient locations close to beaches and shopping with a friendly atmosphere. Whilst all the resorts are very friendly which encourages families, there is no reason why out of season it cannot become a haven for any couple.

Lanzarote has the sun sea and sand for the idea escape with your partner, and whilst in many areas it may be busy with children and groups yet as previously said the sense of space can be found, and what makes a break more perfect for a couple than the sense of exploring together to find your perfect place.