The Best Bars In Germany

The people of Germany know how to have a good party. What’s more they are very happy to talk and dance the nights away with tourists from different parts of the world. If you’re keen to enjoy the very best aspects of the German nightlife then this article may be of some interest. It highlights the most popular and highly recommended bars in the major German cities.


Die Weinerei

This chilled out venue in central Berlin is recommended to wine connoisseurs. The flavoursome beverages are served on a system of honour, whereby the drinker pays an initial $2 and is required leave a tip depending upon how they feel at the end of the night. The good company and relaxed background music may well put you in a generous mood!

Peter Garten

There is no better way to spend a sunny afternoon in Berlin than by enjoying some traditional brews in this beer garden. The time that you spend queuing at the bar will seem well worth it once you’ve taken the first sip of Prater Pils. If the weather takes a turn for the worst then you can head inside the beer hall or restaurant for delights such as the Weiner Schnitzel.


Dauth Schneider

There is something special about the ‘Apfelwein’ cider that is on tap at this popular bar. It has a distinctive sweetness and alcoholic kick that you simply have to experience. The friendly staff working in this place also serve delicious dishes such as the beef broth with dumplings and meatloaf.


Atlantic Bar

This stylish venue is popular among the elite members of German society. You never know who might see having a sneaky cigar in the smoker’s lounge. On some nights you may even have the pleasure of being entertained by one of Hamburg’s top quality musicians.



If you’ve arrived in Bremen with your dancing shoes then it’s definitely worthy stopping off at this cool night bar. You will undoubtedly enjoy the tunes played by guest DJ’s such as Sascha Sprenz and Nico Grubert, both of whom are making a name on the European clubbing scene.