The Best Bizarre Experiences in London

London is a majestic city to be in and gives one the reasons to take back a lovely combination of tour and travel experiences right here in this part of the world. The city has a great travel kitty and it is this that makes things so much more a part of the tours here. Whether it is the museums, or the palaces, the hotels or the restaurants, London gives everything in plenty and one only has to understand the city well enough for one to be able to enjoy the travel delights right here in this part of the world.


London indeed is an amazing place to be in and has the ideal concept of easy and amazing travel excitement which is really a way of endorsing the best memories forever. London is a land that never ceases to impress the visitor and one only has to make way for more such experiences. Add to this the strange sights and the bizarre scenes here and the city has indeed a multifaceted entertaining ability.

Bask in the glory of interesting sights and take back the royal grandeur that is so much a part of the city delights. The city has some of the best sights and amazingly peculiar scenes which make way for some of the easiest ways of convenient tours.

The Delights in the City of London

The city has a charm that is indeed worth every bit of time spent here. Whether it is Boudicca or the Boris Bike, the green patches or the amazing places the city always has had an interesting blend of languages, culture and tradition. There are some eerie scenes and sights which make London the city that it is and this is the reason London is home to some of the most interesting weird experiences.

The Pleasures of the London Hydraulic Power Company

The London Hydraulic Power Company is a lovely combination that has been here since 100 years. The turbines that are found here are actually pressurized water which pass through 200 miles of pipes across the city. This water is taken to empower the hotel lifts as well as the dockyard cranes and theatre curtains. This is also one of the main reasons where the turbines have been transformed into an art gallery and restaurant. This is famously called the Wrapping Project.

The Green Victorian Cemetery

The Victorian cemetery here is very popular and with the most magnificent tombs along with lovely landscaping which make way for some of the most innovative ways of making things really work. It is here where the likes of Trollope, Thackeray, Brunel and Blond in have been buried and it is also the same place where Princess Sophia and Duke of Sussex, and also Augustus have been laid to rest. Thus it becomes one of the most bizarre places to be in while on tours to London.

Victorian cemetry

Dans Le Noir A Unique Experience

The Dans Le Noir Restaurant is a lovely place where guests get the chance to have dinner in absolute darkness. This gives the food a different taste and also a completely off beat experience. This is what makes things so easy and also interesting in tours to the city of London. It is believed that Marc Brunel once had a banquet right here below the River Thames so that he could show that the tunnel was safe. This entire place got flooded and it is said that in the year 1843 there were many stonemasons who had supper above Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square.

The Pleasures of Burlington Arcade

The city of London is very famous for its best kind of shopping centers which are indeed a lovely blend of easy travel experiences and convenient tour delights. The Burlington Arcade is in fact a very old shopping paradise for the travelers and there are uniformed beadles which are readily available to bring about a very old bylaw which do not allow the visitors to enjoy a free life. One can sing, run, whistle as well as open their umbrellas.

The Interesting and Weird Fortnum & Mason

The Fortnum & Mason is a very old store which has in fact become popular for selling the first ever baked beans in Britain. The Scotch egg is very famous in the country and it is here that it was invented way back in 1738. This is indeed a wonderful thing to try out in this part of the world.

The store is also famous for selling the silver plated sporks which is a blend of a spoon and a fork. The soldiers used to use it in trenches and one really is completely surprised to see all these special and weird ways of making things interesting in tours. One loves to come here and be a part of places like M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City, which really give all the convenience and comfort. This gives the visitor a reason to come back for more and take back a valuable experience in this part of the world.


The Interesting Christchurch Greyfriars

One loves to be in Christchurch Greyfriars Garden in London which is a garden which is open to public and also is an area free to enter. This is in fact a converted tower of an old house which also happens to be the tallest one with around three bedrooms and has around 11 storeys. This has been the burial place of more than three queens.

The Amazing Cabinet War Rooms

The wartime bunker is a small portion of a huge area which spans over more than six acres of bomb proof offices. These have been found lying below the ministry buildings. This was covered by a lot of concrete which is really conspicuous even now from the outer portion of the road. Visitors come here and explore the wartime bunker in these very Churchill War Rooms.