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Why You Should Consider a Singles Holiday

Just because you do not have a significant other with whom to travel, does not mean that you cannot have a great time on holiday. In fact some can argue that going alone allows you to have much more fun….

Skeleton Coast

Top Ten Namibia

Namibia is a country as diverse as it is beautiful, with incredible sweeping landscapes and many rare and unusual sights. It is also home to a long list of adventure activities, with rocky mountain peaks and endless sand dunes providing…

Car hire in South Africa is convenient and affordable

Scenic South Africa By Car

South Africa, occupying most of the southern area of the African continent, makes a great destination if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different for your next break. Car hire in South Africa is convenient and affordable, and it’s one of…

The Garden Route has dreamy scenery

South Africa: Take the Garden Route

A rugged coastline dotted with hidden coves, dense indigenous forests, golden beaches, dramatic cliffs and gorges, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with majestic mountains as the backdrop – it’s no wonder the Garden Route is known as South…


Stunning Seychelles Hotspots

The Republic of Seychelles, one of the most beautiful island archipelago’s in the world, is situated on the Western Indian ocean, off of the east African coast. Consisting of 115 islands, the Seychelles is an extremely varied spot, from its…