22 Bizarre Facts About Thailand

Thailand can be a crazy place, but traveling while you’re there may be even crazier. If you’re traveling with children in Thailand overnight as a visitor, our recent blog post may give you some helpful tips.

But you might want to try preparing yourself for the craziness of Thailand before you go. Take a peek at some cool facts below!

  •       It’s a completely different year in Thailand! It is year 2557 there because of the measurement from Buddha’s death.
  •       Watch out! Thailand is known to have the world’s largest snake – a whopping 33 feet long
  •       Hulu and Netflix are blocked in Thailand – (But you can learn how to watch Netflix regardless, here)

The curators at Secure Thoughts have created this awesome infographic titled, “22 Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know About Thailand” that will blow your mind.

We were amazed and now we want you to be. These facts are too good not to share!