5 Ways To Live It Up In Mexico

In Mexico, the good life is easy to find. There’s a rich and diverse cultural history, along with excellent food and spectacular natural scenery. With so many unique and varied choices, it comes down to what sort of experience you want and where you’d like to stay.

Great Riviera Maya villa rentals, for instance, are relatively easy to find and offer everything possible for a beach lover’s dream experience. But urban luxury is just as plentiful in Mexico’s capital city. Let’s look at a few ways to live it up down south.

Soak In The Mayan Riviera


Some of the Caribbean’s best beaches are found along this famed eastern coastal section of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. The area begins just south of Cancun and extends across 10-15 small towns from Puerto Morelos in the north to Punto Allen in the south. Here you’ll find everything necessary to live in full beachside luxury.

Mature local tourism infrastructure means excellent accommodations, shopping and fine dining options galore, all set against a year-round backdrop of sunshine and gentle beach breezes. And those beaches are simply breathtaking, mile after mile of powdery white sand giving way to crystal clear turquoise waters.

Live Like A New Age Pirate

If you truly love the ocean, why not go all the way? It’s one thing to sit on your villa terrace and admire the clear blue sea, but Mexico offers the chance to rent a luxury vessel and spend some time actually living out there in the middle of it. Whether you prefer the Riviera scene or that found off the country’s western Pacific coast, there are plenty of magnificent yachts and sailboats available for hire.

This is a unique, unforgettable experience, and offers excellent access to popular watersport activities. The Riviera in particular is famous for world class diving options available just off the coast near Cozumel Island.

Culture in The Capital District

The beach lifestyle is not for everyone, of course. Those who enjoy a more refined, urban way of life may be pleasantly surprised at what Mexico City has to offer. A steadily growing national economy has attracted top international brands and entertainment options, added to the rich local culture of which Mexicans remain fiercely proud.

A bustling arts scene is alive in the capital’s many galleries and museums, and music lovers can enjoy everything from classical and jazz concerts to rock and folkloric ballet. The nightclub scene is glorious as well, on par with many of the top destinations around the world.

Adventure & Ecotourism

For some, the high life means getting out and among some of the planet’s wild natural wonders. Mexico has few rivals in this regard, with everything from the aforementioned beach and watersports to the barren deserts of Baja and jungle spelunking in Chiapas and Campeche. Climbers, you’re covered too, with jagged challenges in Colima and Puebla.



Year after year, Mexico continues to attract the world’s top chefs and food aficionados in search of new gastronomic inspiration. It goes much deeper than the famous fish tacos and ceviche found along the Pacific Coast, tasty as these are. The inland Oaxaca region, for instance, is renowned for its sophisticated moles, while the Yucatan region imparts tropical flavors into the mix. For those in search of the cutting gastronomic edge, Mexico City features several exciting fusion options thanks to its growing international flair.