8 Cool, Relatively Inexpensive Things to Do in the UK this Spring

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is starting to creep out and heavy winter coats are making way for more light weight alternatives. This spring, in the UK at least, looks set to be a decent one. What’s more, with hundreds of things to do and see while traveling, visitors to the British Isles at this time of year might find themselves further spoiled by what’s on offer.

Where to go to find out about some of the UK’s coolest and relatively inexpensive things to do this spring? Resources like Bravofly Reviews can be of great service, helping to deliver impartial reviews on the destinations you visit. Otherwise, here are eight ideas of our own. All designed to take you all over England and Scotland throughout March, April and May.

St Patrick’s Day, London

March’s premier Irish festival is always fun. London however, celebrates St Patrick’s Day in style. With street parades, events, shows and plenty of opportunities to make merry, celebrating St Patrick’s Day in England, rather than Ireland, is nothing to baulk at. Make sure you check out the Central London Parade on March 17th and head to Trafalgar Square for further celebrations.

Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, London

This world famous boating event that takes place between two of the world’s most prestigious universities might well be televised, but seeing it live and in person is much more exciting given the usual spring atmosphere. Head down to the River Thames bankside on April 10th for this four-and-a-quarter mile race. The crowds, as always, will be buzzing.

Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations

April 23rd marks the birth and death day of perhaps the world’s greatest known bard, William Shakespeare. The pride of Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, festivities take place during the whole week and are mostly free to attend for visitors looking to commemorate the man behind Romeo and Shakespeare, Hamlet and Macbeth. The tradition of celebrating his birthday goes back 200 years.

Edinburgh Beltane Fire

Beautiful Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, plays host to the Beltane Fire Festival, kicking off on April 30th on Calton Hill. A participatory arts event, visitors are plunged into the ritual drama of that marks the starting spring with dancers, music, performance workshops and lots more taking place in and around the event. A bonfire marks the culmination, with thousands usually in attendance to watch the flames lick the northern skies.

Brighton Festival

The annual Brighton festival is a three-week extravaganza of live music, theatre and entertainment, happening in venues across the city at different price ranges and a handful even for free. With pop-up venues like The Udderbelly showcasing live comedy, to Brighton’s green spaces and seafront hosting impromptu acts, paying a visit to the UK’s premier seaside destination is best done during the festival running throughout May. With extra time on your hands it might also be a good idea to get out to the surrounding Sussex Downs too.

Sweeps Festival, Rochester

The English county of Kent plays host to Sweeps Festival in Rochester between May 2nd and 4th. A festival that marries music, dancing, colour and Morris dancing, Sweeps Festival is distinctly British in style and culture, helping to showcase old traditions that are still going strong despite modern distractions. Audience participation is expected as the town of Rochester sets to welcome you with open arms.

Jack-in-the-Green, Hastings

The oddly-named Jack-in-the-Green festival, taking place between May.1 and May.4, is another Sussex event (aside from Brighton festival) worth visiting during the spring months. Taking place in Hastings, the famous battle ground of British historical lore, the event is now in its eighth year and features music, dancing and a parade where mad-Jack himself (the events namesake) is released with sweeps crowding around him and dancing.

May Morning, Oxford

An annual event taking place on May Day (May.1) in Oxford, May Morning is an early start (6am onwards) but well worth getting up for. Featuring choirs, hymns, dancing and all night balls (starting the previous night), it’s a great time to be in Oxford and enjoy everything else this great British city has to offer.