The Best of Europe in 2014

Europe is one of the best continents and busiest continents in the world for international travel. Lauded by travellers all over the world as a top holiday destination offering big bang for the buck, it’s more than likely to catch the hordes again next year.

For the best European holiday destinations in 2014, check out these recommendations and then head over to to get planning!

Vienna, Austria

The beautiful city of Vienna is the cultural heart and capital of Austria. A centre steeped in history, Vienna is widely popular with travellers and likely to grow more so looking ahead to next year. Renowned as the home of Mozart, the genius of music, Vienna is also home to castles, cathedrals and cobbled streets that exude a winning charm that’s not likely to disappear anywhere soon.

Porto, Portugal

Another leading travel destination in Europe is Porto, Portugal. A city beloved for its beauty, Porto is also best recognised as an exciting place to visit outside of the capital Lisbon. With its cosmopolitan population and host of contemporary buildings, Porto is a mix of the modern and the medieval. Port Wine, a very popular historic centre and destination, is just one of the designated UNESCO spots in the city worth visiting. There are also a number of interesting parks, gardens, fashion boutiques and museums to visit too!

Brussels, Belgium

Another up and coming destination for 2014, Brussels is increasing in popularity in what was once considered “boring Belgium”. Residents in Brussels are famed for their hospitality – being both very welcoming and very friendly. Inside Brussels there are a lot of enjoyable highlights, including many concerts and festivals. The city also offers a wide variety of restaurants and the chance to sample many different culinary styles, both International and European.

Rome, Italy

Rome should always make the list of Europe’s top destinations. Apart from being the cradle of civilisation in the ancient world, modern Rome is also a busy, bustling and vibrant city geared towards delivering a spectacular holiday experience. According to some reviews from previous visitors, many tourists can stay in this city for a year and still not have enough time to see all that there is to see. Rome is best known for its coliseum but has a bunch of museums, art galleries and open air squares too.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Famous all over the world for its liberal, free-thinking political stance, Amsterdam is the city where old world charm and ancient modernity converge to make for an extremely interesting holiday destination.

Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, outdoor markets and wide flower markets have major appeal. But it’s the ability to walk all over this city, duck into various coffee shops and cafes and take a barge down the river that get most people coming back.

There is no doubt that Europe provides tourists with some of the most attractive and impressive travel destinations in the world. That’s not going to stop with the year coming either!