Experience The Natural Beauty of Hawaii

Wave crashing on shore of Hamoa Beach
Hawaii, or the Big Island, is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Not only are they one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, but the beauty of these islands is known across the globe.

In the summer seasons when the sun is high and the ocean is warm and inviting, there’s no better place to experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer than Hawaii, and with its diverse natural attractions – from sandy beaches to active volcanoes, animal and plant life to meandering rivers with spectacular waterfalls – this really is a place like no other.

Waimea Canyon (Kauai)

Waimea Canyon is a lot like Arizona’s Grand Canyon, but instead you’re surrounded by immense beauty and tropical landscapes! This valley has reddish riverbeds and measures a mile wide, 3,600 feet deep and stretches for 14 miles, so there’s more than enough of this amazing natural attraction to keep your attention. The formation of this natural feature occurred after a great earthquake that directed the flow of many streams into a single river, thus creating the Waimea Canyon, and the surrounding region is perfect for those who enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

Volcano Attractions

Hawaii’s islands are full of active volcanos, and after years of eruptions, there are some unforgettable views to experience on some of the uninhabited islands. The Kilauea, found at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, oozes with lava regularly, and there are even restaurants that use the thermal heat from the volcano to cook food! The world renowned Diamond Head is another top volcanic attraction, and you can even hike up the mountain to have a close view of this historic landscape.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay, located on the south east coast of Oahu, has been formed from volcanic activity over hundreds of years. The bay has a spectacular beach, and the waters also attract a variety of marine life and coral, presenting a thriving ecosystem for tourists to experience! Why not try a snorkelling trip underwater, bringing you to even closer to the natural wonders of this island?  Perfect for families as well as couples, Hanauma Bay is without doubt one of the most beautiful locations in all of Hawaii, and there’s certainly no better place to watch the stars at night time.


Waterfalls also top the list of natural attractions in Hawaii, most notably the Rainbow Falls in Hilo. The 442 foot Akaka falls outside Hilo are also magnificent, and there are even more waterfalls to enjoy on the island, including the 40 foot Opaekaa Falls, backed by scenic mountain views. Finally, Maui is home to the Oheo Gulch, also called the Seven Sacred Pools, and these are a must-visit attraction no matter how long you’re holidaying in Hawaii.