The Best Places to See Near Sydney Harbour


Sydney is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. As vacation time rolls around, hundreds of tourists make plans for the Sydney Harbor, as it is the ultimate spot that provides them access to all the popular sights nearby. From the smooth ferry ride to the gourmet dinner onboard and embarking at places such as the Opera House or standing underneath the Harbour Bridget, these are all the exciting things you will get to do on the cruise.

The history of Sydney is steeped deep in the historic building and cobbled laneways. The best way to take in this city’s beauty is to book a scenic tour that flies you above all the sight and gives you an unfettered view. From the beauty of the most sophisticated places to the wilderness, Sydney offers you everything you have ever dreamed of.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular tourist locations that are a part of Sydney harbour sightseeing:

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the star attraction of the glittering harbor. You can book a guided walk tour and learn everything about this graceful building. The Opera House has theatres, exhibition rooms, studios, concert halls and a cinema. You can disembark at the Opera House from your ferry and stroll the grounds to take in the beauty. There are dozens of restaurants that line and street and offer sweet, as well as savoury delicacies for people to enjoy.

The Rocks

The Rocks is a historical piece of land that was home to the people of Gadigal aboriginal. Hundreds of heritages sites line this strip and provided people a rich background of the people who lived and survived here. The oldest surviving house on The Rocks is the Cadman’s cottage, which was built in 1816. First, visit the famous Rocks Discovery Museum, which is a family-friendly museum offering exhibits that spotlight the history of The Rocks. You can then wander on the cobbled streets and fill your bags with souvenirs. From contemporary art galleries to night-time ghost tours and photographic excursions, you will find various unique exhibitions. End your day by enjoying a traditional meal at the cafes or restaurants lining the street.

Queen Victoria Building

In the mood for some shopping? This Romanesque-style building is linked to the Town Hall Station and underground arcades. Previously, many plans were made for its renovation and the discussion even came to a point where they decided to demolish it. Thankfully, in the 1980s, the building was restored and from there on, it became the most high-end shopping spot. There are more than 200 shops that line the galleries. This place is worth visiting as the glittering lights and the mosaic floors are something to be admired. There’s also a tea room that hosts high tea for the locals, as well as the visitors.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The locals call this beauty the “Coathanger”. Before the Opera House was constructed, this was the most popular tourist sight. The steel arch of this bridge is the largest in the world and it rises to 134 meters high above the water. From the bridge, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the water and the city. For those of you daring souls, there’s a “bridge climb” activity that allows you to stand at the top of the bridge.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what this beauty offers. Once you will get on that cruise, your heart won’t allow you to disembark on land.