How to Earn Extra Travel Money has always been behind the independent traveller spirited enough to see the world with little in their pockets except a handful of dreams. That’s why we try to help people every which way we can to go travelling a little further and farther. So when it comes to earning extra travel dollars to push your experiences further, let the following pointers be of help. Earning money for the road needn’t be too difficult after all.

Pick Up an Extra Job

If you’re currently saving for travel while working a full-time day job, perhaps it’s worth giving up your free time or weekends picking up extra paid work to help add to your bank balance. Stuck for ideas? There’s always something you can do. Even if it’s incredibly menial, treat it as a means to an end, and approach it knowing that you’re putting the work in now so that you can relax and enjoy life later.

Try Your Luck

Many people across the world are making a decent living from professional gambling, especially at games like poker and other casino staples. As long as you’re disciplined and know when to walk away, you shouldn’t have any issues making a little bit extra on the side. Get good enough to play casino games online at a high level and you might even wish to continue doing so while travelling at the same time – it’s definitely in the realm of human possibility!

Sell Some Stuff

Chances are you’ve got the odd thing or two that might fetch a decent price if you’re willing to part with it that’ll add to your travel fund. Scour your house or apartment and see what you haven’t used recently. Be honest with yourself as to whether you need it and then, depending on the answer, start listing it at online auction or see how else you can get some money for it.

You might even get so much into this that it becomes a career or another source of income in itself. Picking up bargains and then marking them up for re-sale. Logistically tricky to do from the road but not without work-arounds.

Ask for Donations

Nobody is likely to fund a self-interested trip but get creative and put an itinerary together for a good cause and you might be surprised at how much you can do. Nowadays crowd sourcing sites make it easy to fund a passion project, something that bridges travel with social or charitable enterprise, that helps benefit and improve the world in some way.

Head online to see what other strategies people have employed in terms of this, you never know where a small idea might lead.

Rely on the Kindness of Strangers

The idea of this one is to forego the idea of work entirely, instead focusing on trying your luck hitting the road with next to nothing and seeing where it takes you. Panhandling perhaps or at least trying to offer some value in exchange for food, shelter or a combination of them both. With volunteering sites that offer unpaid work opportunities in exchange for board the possibility, these days, is beyond doubt.

However you decide to earn a little extra for your travels, action is the key to it all. Take your first steps today to topping up your travel account and you never know just how far it might take you, not only in travels but in life!