Camping With a Difference! Welcome to the World of the Caravan

There’s a certain status acquired for those deciding to head out into the world, backpack in tow and very little else. But should you consider alternative means of travel, and budget friendly ones at that, there’s a whole new world of options out there waiting to be discovered. One of those? The world of the caravan. A camping experience with a twist that combines all the spirit of a road trip with the relax and rejuvenation of a nature retreat (depending on where you go).

Here we discuss a few benefits that caravanning has over other forms of travel you may be accustomed to. Perhaps some of these will surprise you, perhaps they might even inspire you further into heading out onto the open road with your holiday accommodation out behind you.

Caravanning is Easier Than You Think

It might sound like a complicated new world, having to consider how much you can tow with your vehicle and what kind of set-up you might need but caravanning doesn’t really have to be too difficult.

Basically you just need to find a caravan to suit your car’s kerb weight and not exceed that, then you can go about looking at how many berths you might want in your van. The trick is to start simple. Just as you would backpacking. And be reassured that you can fix, buy and alter things as you go.

There are many more pointers that can help you get to grips with this new way of travelling out there on the net. The Caravan Club has some great articles like this one that serve as great resources.

Less Expense

Once you’ve got over the cost of hire or purchase of a van you’ll find that taking your accommodation with you works at a lot cheaper than long term travel in and out of hotels.

Renting a caravan is the best way to keep costs low. It also gives you the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule and prepare food and everything else in your own time.

Rural Stays

Caravanning is simply one of the best ways to experience nature and the more rural of the world’s fantastic destinations. Heading out to the countryside not only brings you closer to the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds in the sky but also helps bolster local economies in a sustainable way.

Whichever way you decide to take the plunge and head out on a travel adventure we hope you give caravanning a try. It doesn’t need to be the complicated, expensive holiday you were expecting, just as we’ve outlined!