Four Great Websites to Help You On Your Trip to Barcelona

Few places provide such a combination of hospitality, modernity and overall cultural immersion as the country of Spain. It’s no wonder that you’ve planned a trip to this beautiful country, and you are no doubt excited about arriving. Many people decide to visit Barcelona in order to take advantage of its scenic beauty, the grand architecture, the bustling nightlife and more. After booking your flight, reserving your hotel and securing a rental car from, all that is left is to plan what you’ll be doing once you arrive. In order to make that process easier, we’ve put together a list of four great websites that will help you get a better idea of what there is to see and do while staying in Barcelona.

  1. TripAdvisor

Perhaps the most popular source for travel information for all cities large and small, TripAdvisor can make planning any itinerary while on vacation a breeze. Not only will you be able to get a glimpse of all hotels and vacation rentals in the Spanish city, but a variety of other amenities – day-time attractions, restaurants, bars and clubs, and much more – can also be reviewed. Ample feedback from those who have made the journey beforehand are available for consideration, and you’ll find it easy to map out any plans with the map features that allows you to see where everything is in Barcelona.

    1. Fodor’s Travel

A top-notch travel review service, Fodor’s is well-known for its intricate reviews and travel guides of hundreds of cities around the world. In the Barcelona guide, you’ll find information on all of the neighbourhoods in the city, restaurants that you will want to wine and dine at, travel tips to make the journey as safe and stress-free as possible, and a list of top experiences and things to do while staying in the Catalonian capital. Perhaps best of all, Fodor’s also offers pre-planned travel itineraries to help you get the most out of your vacation based on your particular preferences.

    1. Lonely Planet

Another excellent source for information on the Spanish city, Lonely Planet combines professional travel guides with user experiences to help travellers figure out what is worth their time and what is best avoided. A variety of “collections” can be found in the Barcelona travel guide, including top things to do while staying, the best bars and clubs in the city, family-friendly attractions for the kids, analysis of the beaches and architectural wonders, and many others. Accentuated by vivid photography of the locales described, you’ll get the full picture of what the city has to offer.

    1. New York Times

Believe it or not, the New York Times is a great source of travel guide information, including Barcelona. With dozens of well-written articles detailing the various happenings and attractions in the city – along with cultural and social considerations – you’ll be more informed on what to expect once arriving after reading some of their articles. From finding the best fresh markets to an overview of hostels, this set of travel guides covers a lot of nuanced topics that many others do not.