Top 3 Shore Diving Locations In The World

When it comes to shore diving, there are so many interesting options that are available for travelers from all around the world. It is not at all difficult to find something that is really great but, obviously, some destinations are more popular than others. We will now talk about the 3 more attractive shore diving spots based on popularity and tourist reviews.


Bonaire has been considered as being among the best shore diving spots in the world from 1994 till now. There is absolutely no wonder why that is the case. You just need to take a look at the various different images and videos that were shot in the area.

We have access to many different reef slopes that have to be considered. The most popular spot in Bonaire is the Hilma Hooker wreck. It is a diving spot that is quite simple and you may want to also consider Red Slave and Willemstoren Lightouse since you are in the area. Experienced divers will want to go to Playa Benge and Boca Partol. These spots have stronger currents. Both exits and entries will be trickier. No matter where you will dive in Bonaire, you will find grunts, angelfish, yellowtail snappers, squirrelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish and various rock beauties.


Hawaii is an obvious scuba diving destination that is also really popular among honeymooners and surfers. The water is always clear, cobalt-blue and diving is really simple, especially in the southern region. It is a perfect spot for shore divers as surface conditions are usually really calm.

We recommend that you consider Hanauma Bay in the south end of the island. It is highly scenic and really popular among swimmers and snorkelers. The Inside Reef is the one that you want to look at and then go towards the Outside Reef. If you love coral, you should see Witch’s Brew. However, divers have to be experienced as the site is a little difficult to navigate.


There are many incredible reefs that are really close to shore in Curacao. Some even see this location as being the best in the world for shore diving. While everything is obviously subjective, nobody can deny the fact that we have to see Curacao as among the best options available in the world.

We recommend a visit to Oswaldo’s Drop-Off, which is close to shore. You can see many interesting blue chromis, sergeant majors and yellow snappers there. The diver will be able to easily exit and enter through Janthiel Baai. You will also see wire coral, sponges, star coral and gorgonians.

Shore Diving Opportunities Are Available All Around The World

While the three options highlighted above are definitely the best for shore diving, you need to look at all other options. You have so many different opportunities that you may not know nothing about. For instance, did you know that there are some wonderful diving spots in Portugal? Look online and read the articles on sites like Travel Tipsor so that you can find tips on wonderful destinations you may not know much about.