Full Steam Ahead: Fabulous Long Haul Cruise Destinations

Maybe you have had plenty of holidays next to water and now you’d like to try a trip on water.

A river cruise can be a leisurely way of seeing some spectacular sites from a new and exciting perspective.

Cruises don’t only operate in Europe but in Russia and China too where some of the world’s richest cultural treasures are located.

Russian opulence

Russia is rich in extravagant palaces, magnificent cathedrals and quaint towns. Its two great cities, St. Petersburg and Moscow, are virtual open-air museums with Red Square, the Kremlin, Empress Catherine’s Palace and the Hermitage.

There is a less monumental but equally riveting side to Russia too which can be enjoyed from the vantage point of a river cruise with Viking. Smaller towns of the Golden Ring hold a unique beauty and charm, each with a story to tell.

Historic Ukraine

A journey through Ukraine is an ideal choice for a truly unforgettable river cruise for its history alone. Travelling along the Dnieper River is a way of seeing the cities of Odessa, Yalta and the capital Kiev as well as many smaller, breathtaking towns. Landmarks worth visiting are the Livadia Palace where the 1945 Yalta Conference took place and the Monterey of caves in Kiev.

Eastern promise in China

Who couldn’t be fascinated with China? This vast country is a blend of ancient and contemporary, mystery and modernity. Cruises travel along the Three Gorges region of the Yangtze River with excursions to the cities of Shanghai and Beijing, The Great Wall, and the famous Terracotta Army.

Longer cruises take in further sites such as the birthplace of porcelain, classical gardens and stunning natural religious sites. Travelling along the Yangtze itself is an epic journey as you cruise through striking eastern landscapes in this enchanting country.

Your river home

River cruisers are designed with sightseeing in mind with large windows for the optimum view a standard feature and on-board faculties like a library, bar and terrace for relaxation.

Cabins enjoy river views so passengers can enjoy the unfolding panorama during their long-haul journey. There is a comprehensive source of information for seasoned river cruisers and first-timers who want tips on how to make the most of their experience.

A selection of cruise organisations and associations can provide access to reviews, photographs and insider knowledge on sites visited en route.