Great Travel Apps

This year, give these Great Travel Apps a try...


This is a brilliant translation app for long journeys which are taking in several countries where more than one language is spoken. Bravolol is a digital phrasebook containing over 18 languages, and while it won’t get you to an advanced level, it’s perfect for picking up those few essential phrases which go so far when you’re getting by in a new country. The app pronounces phrases, so you know how to, brilliant for languages written in unfamiliar scripts – or, let’s be honest, those that aren’t. Google Translate has been grabbing all the headlines in the last few weeks, because of its new live translation feature: you can take a picture of a sign, menu item, or anything else written down, or have someone say something into the microphone, and it will immediately translate for you. This is, no doubt, a fantastic feature, but Bravolol has the significant advantage that once it’s been downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to use it, so you can make use of it anywhere.


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XE Currency:

Converting currency is one of the most persistent and recurrent headaches for any traveller, particularly, again, if you’re on a multi-destination journey which takes in several countries. The XE Currency takes out all the stress, with rates for all the world’s currencies provided at the touch of a button. And the best part is: it’s free, which is always a thing we look for in great travel apps.


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The Montcalm App:

Booking hotel rooms is easier than ever in the age of the smartphone and mobile apps, with comparison apps like Expedia, and allowing you to find the best rates on hotel rooms. However, if you’ve already decided on the hotel brand you’ll be staying with, though, you can get much more personalised and in-depth service out of your app. The Montcalm App is one of the great brand-specific hotel apps. You can browse all of the Montcalm Luxury Hotels, choose your desired property and room or suite type, and reserve.You can then edit or manage your reservation right up to check in time. You can also use the app to plan your stay, by browsing maps and lists of amenities, and of the variety of bars, restaurants and entertainment options on offer at each Montcalm hotel. The Montcalm App can even help you save money on your stay, with the latest offers and deals sent to you via push notifications.


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City Mapper:

Here’s another one which could quite easily have gone to Google, with Google Maps a great option for getting your bearings and planning your route wherever you are in the world and wherever you’re trying to get to. Indeed, if you’re outside of cities then Google Maps is definitely the mapping app to go for, meaning it’s always useful to have on your phone. But for when you’re in the metropolis, Citymapper just gets our vote, thanks largely to its user interface. Bright, colourful and splashed with a sense of humour, it’s also very easy to use, and is brilliant for providing detailed, up-to-date information on the quickest or cheapest way to get from A to B, whichever of the world’s major cities you happen to find yourself in.

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