Your Guide to Concerts in North America

Some of the greatest performers in the world will be heading to a huge range of concert venues in 2014, and with live shows usually being the hottest ticket in town it’s worth getting in as early as possible to make sure that hot ticket isn’t sold out before buying one.

Bands and solo artists are committed to making a show memorable and it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Audiences expect some real entertainment, excellent sound, stunning lighting, 100% + energy, superb choreography and backing singing and, above all else, the acknowledgment of the stars on stage that the fans are incredibly important.

Anyone who has followed a band knows how important that relationship between fan and performer is, and it’s one of the things that makes a live concert so appealing.

So what’s going down in the concert world in North America in 2014? Plenty. Here are few to consider, how to get to them and what can be expected.

Bruce Springsteen

One of the titans of rock, known as The Boss, Bruce Springsteen has a number of gigs in April and May to mark the release of his 18th studio album, High Hopes. Not surprisingly this global tour of 34 dates is called the High Hopes Tour and with the album charting at No 1 in the US tickets for his concerts are at a premium.

The 15 gigs in the US, with the E Street Band, include dates in Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, New York and Connecticut.

Getting to the venues is usually easy by car. Venue websites will give detailed directions so that arriving and leaving are as hassle free as possible.

Bruce Springsteen is well known for the length and intensity of his performances. A powerful and compelling onstage presence allied to a band that is one of the finest in the world makes any show an amazing experience. This is rock music as it should be: there will be some surprises but expect great music, great musicianship and the chance to see one of the hardest working, professional rock artists in the world.

Lady Gaga

As a performer who transcends many boundaries, Lady Gaga is one of the great entertainers who can appeal to a whole range of people. Her shows are legendary and her Lady Gaga’s artRave: The Artpop Ball Tour will hit Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center in May. The tour follows the release of her stunning latest album, Artpop, and takes in a number of other US venues.

Getting to the Wells Fargo Center is straightforward from all directions. It’s just off I-95 on the Delaware Expressway, and taking the Broad Street exit will get drivers there without a problem.

Most people at Lady Gaga’s shows think they know what to expect, but she is such an innovative thinker when it comes to developing stage shows that she will constantly surprise. Certainly, outrageous and flamboyant costumes can be expected and a deeply pulsing rhythm and bass to drive her songs. Lighting and spectacle are a big part of a live Lady Gaga performance so audiences and fans can expect to be dazzled by the invention on display.

Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne

Quite a line up for the In a World Like This Tour with the classic Backstreet Boys line-up reunited to give fans of one of the ultimate boy bands a timely reminder of why they have sold tens of millions of albums. The addition of Avril Lavigne, whose powerful songwriting and singing has been a sensation since she burst on the music scene in 2002, will make for a stunning show.

Fans can expect a dynamic show, with Backstreet Boys demonstrating the harmonies they are famous for and Avril Lavigne contributing a range of songs from her new album released in 2013, Avril Lavigne, and numbers from her back catalogue.

One venue for the tour is at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Canada. It’s accessible by exiting off Wayne Gretzky Drive and then 119th Avenue.


Getting tickets for major concert events can be difficult, so when a tour is announced it’s best to either get in touch with the venue’s box office or buy from a reputable online ticket seller. Those looking to buy Philadelphia Concert tickets or tickets for other venues should not consider untrustworthy websites or buy from ticket touts outside the venue. There is no guarantee that tickets from such outlets are genuine and people will be refused entry if there is any suspicion that tickets are forged or should not have been sold on.