Guys Weekend in Vancouver

It can be hard for guys to find the time to get away together. Often times, a stag party is the only way men can truly escape for a night or a few days and be among men and only men. And while that may not be what we guys need all the time (we do love our ladies after all!) sometimes we just want to bro out for a bit. That’s where Vancouver comes in. Though it’s no Los Vegas, Vancouver boasts some great activities and attractions for a boys weekend away. Not to mention the fact that the city is beautiful and absolutely welcoming to visitors from all over the world. Check out three things to do with the boys on a guys-only trip to Vancouver, B.C.!

Check Out the Local Breweries

It is a fact that Vancouver is a growing craft beer destination. It is a place where you can see how your favorite liquor is processed. Get a chance to see the breweries that specialize in the production of beer for all seasons. What does this mean? It means that Vancouver is a great place to visit each season. You won’t miss a beer that suits every season be it spring, summer, fall, or even winter.

Water Activities

Vancouver is known for many things, but its beautiful, scenic coastline is chief among them. And while the city may not be ideal for the water sport enthusiast who lives for exciting rafting or skiing, it still boasts some delightful and engaging water activities. You can take a cruise around the coastline, or pack some sandwiches have lunch by the water. You can also set sail for the day around the city, which can be a great way to get a day away with the boys while on your trip. Sailing is a great way to do more with the guys than just walk around sightseeing – stretch those muscles and enjoy the view of Vancouver from the water!

Check out the AutoBlog Canada Show

We all love cars. Don’t we? Well, where on earth can you get to enjoy the sight of sporty cars? Of course, we need to visit some parlors that deal in such product. AutoBlog Canada is a state-of-the art sight that will give you the chance to have a sight of your dream car. For the sake of those who may not have an idea of what AutoBlog Canada means, it is one of the five famous expansions of the initial site. The recently announced AutoBlog Canada show is meant to serve French speakers. Don’t forget that all language speakers have a chance to benefit from the show. There is nothing much that can be said about this. I always advise my friends to visit every show so as to obtain first hand information.

Generally, Vancouver is a great place to visit all year round. There are several activities to engage in. Moreover, things to see are plenty. You may not believe this until you pay a visit to this great destination. You are highly welcomed!

Photo credit: mayanais