What to Expect From a Club Med Skiing Holiday

Whether you’re planning on taking your family or your partner on a ski holiday, you may feel the urge, when you’re stressing about having to plan every single last detail, to just scrap your plans and go for an all-inclusive holiday and let someone else do the planning.

Skiing holidays with Club Med are a great way of having an unforgettable time skiing while avoiding all the stress of doing everything yourself. This article is about the kind of hospitality and service you can expect from going on a holiday with Club Med.

Club Med offers skiing for all experience levels

Whether you’ve been skiing for decades or you’ve never skied before, Club Med offers skiing for people of all levels of experience, as well as all ages. Instructional sessions are conducted in small groups, so the teaching is focused on individuals, as opposed to a large group in which people might get lost.

The instructors are very experienced, as Club Med has partnerships with various ski schools. The instructors offer very personal training and make sure that everyone’s having a good time!

Ski right from your doorstep

Club Med resorts are among the few resorts that can offer skiing right from your door. Whether you’re visiting the Three Valleys or L’Espace Killy, all you have to do is put on your ski gear in your room, open the door and fly out with your skis!

Certain Club Med resorts offer this unique and amazing feature, along with their perfect ski and snowboard conditions due to their excellent location.

Unparalleled service and equipment

Whether you’re using Club Med’s own ski gear or you’ve brought your own, it’s guaranteed that you’ll receive only the best service when it comes to equipment.

Equipment for adults is offered in four different levels: prestige, performance (for experienced skiers), sport and leisure (for beginners). Of course, equipment is also offered to kids too.

Snowboards are also offered, along with three different types of insurance for your ski gear.

Plentiful activities

If you’ve had more than enough of the pistes, you can always rely on the wide range of other activities to be enjoyed at any Club Med resort.

These include: spas (in partnership with exclusive brands like Payot and NUXE), Club Med fitness programmes with personal instructors, snowmobiling, bob-sledding and even bowling.