How Not To Ruin Your Ski Resort Trip to La Plagne

Getting a bit of time away from the daily grind at least once a year is a very welcome prospect to all of us and there’s no better way to unwind than getting out on the French slopes with a pair of skis. Unless you’re already a ski instructor in France, most of us don’t get the chance to get away all that often, it is important that we get things right when the opportunity does arise. Take it from someone who knows – planning ahead can be the key to ensuring that everything runs smoothly during your time away. Here, we look at a few tips to ensure that your time in La Plagne is enjoyable.

Avoid The Well-Known Ski Resorts

Ski Trip to La Plagne

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La Plagne, St Anton, Courchevel are probably the most popular resorts to visit for a reason but there are plenty of other ski resorts that you should consider. “Popular” is usually synonymous with “crowded” and there is nothing worse than having to fight huge numbers of skiers and snowboarders for the slopes. Do your research and find resorts that are not as tourist-orientated and you can avoid being crushed to death by a human avalanche.

Avoid Heavy Drinking Prior To Skiing

Much Drunk

This should go without saying but sometimes, when you’re having lunch on-piste with a bunch of friends, it can be tempting to stay a little longer at the bar than is wise. An accident on the slopes can ruin your entire trip and there are few better ways to increase your chances of having an accident than to be skiing after one too many of the local brew. Save your partying until the evenings when you can take full advantage of the great local bars.

Avoid Expensive Restaurants

Just as with the ski passes, spending more money than you need to can put a real downer on your trip. When you’re on holiday and having fun it can be easy to fall into the nearest place to eat but it is surely worth sparing a little thought for your wallet. Consider dropping into the local Spar and picking up some cheap food to cook at home instead. You’ll have just as much fun crowding round a barbecue and will save valuable money for hitting the bars after you’ve eaten!

Avoid Expensive Passes

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The ski pass can often be one of the more expensive elements to your trip, so this is somewhere you need to secure a good deal in order to make your trip affordable. The best way to avoid high rates on your ski pass is simply to avoid peak times. Prices are typically a lot higher and the ski resort will undoubtedly be crowded. It’s also worth planning in advance and keeping an eye out on for ‘early bird offers’ a couple of weeks before your trip. There’s nothing worse than having to budget throughout your trip because you got a bad deal on your passes, so do all you can to source a great package.

Avoid Poor Accommodation

With such great slopes, La Plagne is no stranger to visitors. One real upshot of this is that there is plenty of high grade and affordable accommodation in town. After a long day on the slopes, comfort is a top priority, so be sure to choose your accommodation wisely to keep your spirits up. Trip Advisor is littered with reviews telling stories of people being lumped with hard beds and closed sauna facilities. Don’t let this ruin your trip – plan ahead and opt for trusted accommodation.