How to Have a Culinary Experience in Scotland

When you get an opportunity to travel to another country that you’ve never been to before, the chances are that you’re looking for as many possible ways to make the experience memorable. Whether you’re the adventurous type that enjoys the outdoors or prefer more subtle ways of embracing a new country’s culture such as visiting historical museums, a new country’s cuisine is the one thing that can bring us all together and share these memories with each other. The great country of Scotland, for example, has forever surrounded itself with exquisite natural produce and drink, which has come to prove to be the very lifeblood of Scotland’s culture and economy.

While the beauty of Scotland cannot go ignored, the country’s world-renowned dishes must also be enjoyed by all in order to have a complete Scottish experience. And we’re not just talking about the national dish of haggis and some of the best whiskey in the world. Eating locally is a very important part of Scottish culture. While their 16 Michelin star restaurants can serve up some of the best meals you’ll ever have, you’ll find that the majority of eateries in Scotland offer a menu full of locally-sourced ingredients that are combined into a mouth-watering (and affordable) dish you’ll want to make back at home.

To truly remember this breathtakingly beautiful country, dining like a local is one of the best ways to do so. Here are a few things to look out for:

Scotland: Surf or Turf?

With thousands of miles of coastline and lush lands that contribute to the country’s gorgeous landscape, it only makes sense that Scotland is one of the leaders in high-quality seafood and beef. If you’re looking for something savoury, you won’t find a shortage of specialty meats, seafood, and cheeses throughout the regions of Scotland. Some of the country’s most popular dishes include Scottish smoked salmon, fish and chips, bridies, and scotch pies.

The Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, for example, attracts not only the locals, but film stars and politicians as well from all around the world, you may need to put a bit of money aside for this one as it isn’t cheap, but it’s absolutely worth the price you will pay.. Located at Clachan Farm, this restaurant’s seasonal menu offers only the best seafood, such as smoked salmon, smoked haddock chowder, tempura oysters, and grilled langoustines. If you don’t have time to relax, they offer takeout at the deli as well so you can enjoy your meal at your hotel.

Frankie’s Fish & Chips is another popular seafood restaurant that is adored by locals. For a complete seafood experience in Scotland, you might also want to check out The Seafood Trail, a culinary journey around Scotland that gives travellers a chance to sample some of the best seafood from around the country.

If you’re looking for more than seafood, a well-seared steak and seasoned potatoes can be your tasty solution to Scottish dining. From lorne sausages and stovies to Scotch broth and black pudding, many of these dishes can be found all around Scotland. The Butchershop Bar & Grill, McGonali’s Steakhouse, and Mac’s Cocktail Bar & Grill are well-known for serving some of the best steaks around the Scotland Highlands. As another culinary experience, enjoy your trip to Scotland and the best food it has to offer with Tasting Scotland.

Even if your transportation is limited during your stay in Scotland or just need a night in from travelling, there are plenty of options you can choose from and still experience the local favourites of the country. Hungry House, for instance, is a popular choice in Scotland to get fresh fish and chips. They even offer many other kinds of food you won’t necessarily find in most traditional Scottish restaurants. You can even order breakfast the night before and have it delivered to your door the next morning!

Something Sweet

From hearty oatcakes to peppermint creams, Scotland has a wide variety of unique sweets that are sure to catch your eye throughout your food journey, day or night. Made from a delicious mixture of whipped cream, honey, fresh raspberries, whisky and oatmeal, Cranachan is just one of the many traditional Scottish desserts. Dundee cake, made from fruit with rich flavours, is also very popular and scrumptious.


Enjoy Your Stay!

When it comes to making the most out of your experience in Scotland, visitors will often find the perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation no matter what time of the year it is. The Burns Celebration in Glasgow is one of the most popular annual events during the holidays, which is celebrated by toasting to one of the country’s greatest literary figures. In the Spring, individuals and families alike can enjoy the Hidden Door Festival, a nine-day celebration of music, visual art, cinema and theatre held in Edinburgh.