How To Save Money On A Ski Holiday

Unlike a typical holiday, snowsports holidays can really begin to add up quite quickly. Even with the usual costs of accommodation and food, you’ll need to fork out for the extra costs of gear, a ski pass, and lessons if you’re looking to improve your skills. With all that in mind, it’s important to try and get the best deal if you’re looking to enjoy a cheap getaway. Iglu Ski have lots of great deals on last minute ski holidays, so you can save on a festive getaway.


Book At The Right TIme

Booking a last minute holiday is often the best way to get a bargain. With specific holidays like cruises or ski trips, most resorts will be looking to fill rooms following advance bookings, and will offer cheaper rates, or inclusive deals. Look out for offers that combine accommodation with a ski pass, or offer some meals included in the booking price so you have less to worry about when you arrive. It is worth booking your ski school lessons in advance before you arrive, however, or you may have to wait around to brush up on your skills before you hit the slopes.

Pack Properly

For a short holiday, it’s best to try and fit what you can into a carry-on bag to reduce waiting times – so you can get cracking as soon as you land. However, with the extra gear that snowsports require, you’ll need to be creative. Unless you’re an avid skier, try to avoid buying loads of expensive new kit. Instead, try to borrow snowsuits and boots from friends and family, and rent skis once you arrive. For everything else, just pack as you would for a normal winter holiday, with thermal underwear, cosy socks, and plenty of jumpers to layer up. You may also want to pack some swimwear if you want to hit the pool or sauna after a long session. If you’re planning on enjoying some aprés-ski nightlife, remember to bring a nice outfit to hit the town in, too.


Factoring in the cost of insurance makes ski holidays more expensive than most, but it is important. After all, insurance will cost you less than an emergency trip to the hospital and healthcare costs while you’re away. Be sure to renew your free European Health Insurance Card if you’re staying within the EU, as this will ensure you receive free medical care should you need it. Do ask your travel agent for recommendations of insurance providers if you’re unsure, as some ski schools will need you to be insured and you may need to factor in premiums to protect your gear as well, in case of accidents.