Kick Ass Ski Resorts this Winter


Nothing says winter vacation like hitting the slopes for some quality ski action. But if you’re going to ski, you might as well do it in the highest of style. Here we check out three ski resorts that offer more than just a variety of attractive and challenging skiing trails. They also offer some enjoyable and luxurious accommodations and features made to make the trip all the more memorable. The three choices are located in different parts of the world, so they all have their own special features that make them popular.

Kick Ass Ski Resorts: Badrutts Palace – St. Moritz

The first option to see is the Badrutts Palace Hotel in the Swiss town of St. Moritz around the Engadine valley. This spot in the southeastern part of Switzerland is located around nearly two hundred miles of ski trails. These include more than fifty cable car and lift services around the area’s mountains and plenty of snow in areas that are at least five thousand feet over sea level.

The Badrutts Palace Hotel is a particularly luxurious spot. The five-star resort hotel offers individually-decorated rooms along with fine French and Italian restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, a private skating rink in the winter and a ski shop and school. The rooms around the hotel are also situated around some of the most attractive parts of Switzerland.

Kick Ass Ski Resorts: Inn at Lost Creek – Telluride

The southwestern Colorado town of Telluride is home to the Inn at Lost Creek. This is a ski resort that is known for offering easy access to multiple skiing paths around Telluride. The “ski in ski out” arrangement of this resort allows people to easily get into different skiing sections while being serviced by the resort’s large ski valet.

The resort also offers several different attractions that go beyond skiing. The hotel offers features luxurious suites with thirty-two different options to choose from. The suites are designed with natural stone finishes and their own private balconies. The Resort Members Association also reports that the Inn at Lost Creek also has its own luxury spa. There are also a few fine dining options, with the hotel’s 9545 Restaurant and Restaurant Rev being popular among visitors.

Kick Ass Ski Resorts: Stein Eriksen Lodge – Park City

The Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah, just east of Salt Lake City, is our third and final choice for luxurious and totally kick ass ski resorts. This is a five-star resort that features access to a large variety of ski trails around Wasatch Mountain and the Utah Olympic Park. The resort provides guests with several different attractions, including several ski valets and services on the property. There is also a massive spa that covers more than twenty thousand square feet of space.

The hotel rooms include a variety of options, ranging from standard luxury bedrooms to larger suites. The suites feature their own private fireplaces and balconies. Each room also provides guests with luxurious terrycloth robes and bathtubs with their own massaging jets inside them.

These three choices are some of the world’s most appealing ski resorts for people to visit. These resorts offer many luxurious spaces for people to enjoy while allowing them to have a little more fun with resting and relaxing in the area.

Photo Credit: CharlesCarstensen