Looking Your Best in London

Taking a trip to London is a must for most travellers, whether they’re from the UK or not. I’m of the latter set, and I’d always had London pretty high on my list of destinations to visit. I have to admit that when I finally got there, I was a little put off by the cooler weather and almost daily rain. The weather didn’t stop me from doing the things that I wanted to do – Big Ben and Trafalgar Square were still there. But – and I know this sounds a bit superficial – I looked like a sopping dog the whole time!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a girl likes to look good when she vacations. Let’s face it – those pictures are going online as soon as you get home, and you’d rather look semi-cute in a few of them. So my London trip presented a problem at first. How was I supposed to feel my wanderlust best when my hair was a perpetual frizzball?

Hairdressing on the go can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. You just have to be prepared and know what to expect. For me, that meant I should have researched the weather more before I left for my trip. I know my own hair. It’s big, it’s frizzy and it’s no friend of rain. So once in London I was forced to spend a few extra pounds on some emergency hair products. But, they did the trick! I armed myself with the latest tips and tricks on taming my mane and stocked up on essentials like anti-frizz sprays and bobby pins. Voila! Before I knew it, I was sporting a slicked back modern look that would last as long as the flash bulbs were still popping, so to speak.

So that took care of my hair, which was a pretty good start. But there’s more to a girl’s look than what’s on top of her head. My next challenge was makeup, and that was even trickier than the hair. For starters, while trolling for new hair products I had to pick up a lot of waterproof makeup. The weather in the UK just doesn’t allow for a girl to be unprepared with regards to a little moisture – next time, it’s the beach! However, after a few days of running around the city’s famous pubs and parks, I felt like my face and body were starting to feel the wear and tear. And if they’re starting to feel it, they’re starting to show it.

So I had a thought I considered fairly ingenious, though it was obvious enough. Why not look into available spa massage treatments while in London? My first thought was that it would be a waste of my precious trip time. But then I realized – “I’m on vacation!” What better time is there to indulge in a perfect massage? I immediately started doing research on which was best for me and booked an appointment at a nearby salon. In one short hour I went from stressed to refreshed. Now that’s a relaxing vacation!

Photo Credit: az1172