Working on a Beach in Dubai

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There are several beaches in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Many people travel to the United Arab Emirates for business reasons with others choosing to take a long working holiday whilst benefiting from everything that Dubai and the surrounding area has to offer. The beaches are great to sit and relax as well as get some work done. There is white sand, and blue water to get your inspiration flowing. Even though you may be there on business, enjoy the beautiful beaches, but don’t forget your laptop.

Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa, in Dubai, offers a swim-up pool bar, water slides, and beaches. It is a place where you have to lounge in the sun, and while doing so you can pull out your laptop and relax as you get some work done. If you need a break from the sun and work you can enjoy a meal at their nearby Italian restaurant. Another great place to visit in Dubai is Club Joumana. It is only 15 minutes from Dubai Marina and is spread across a long stretch of beach and gardens. It is said to be more peaceful than many of the other resorts in Dubai. This means that you will have the peace and quiet to inspire you as you get things done for your business.

At Nasimi Beach, also in Dubai, you can choose from a range of laid-back seating, including sun loungers, day beds, and private cabanas. Each are perfect for some quiet, alone time, while you work and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

The Jumeirah Beach Club is small but is in a well located area next to the beach. There is a pool, grassy area, and of course the sandy beach. This is a place that you won’t want to leave, and perfect for getting important things done.

The Quay Club includes 2km of sandy beach and is very close to the city of Dubai. If you are there on business this is a great place to be. Not only can you relax on the beach, and get your work done, but you are also close to any places you may need to go to discuss business.

Riva Beach Club is known as Dubai’s first standalone beach club. There are a variety of loungers to choose from as you lay on the beach. It also provides a cafe, and clubhouse. At night this place comes alive with music and drinking.

These are some of the most popular beaches in Dubai and offer a range of activities for any age. Most importantly they are all beautiful and relaxing. If you are in Dubai on business enjoy the sunshine and sand, but also make sure to pull out your laptop and use the scenery for inspiration for your work. Working on a beach can definitely be relaxing but it can be distracting so ensure you look at sticking to a schedule. The more work you get done the more money your business bank account will gain.

Photo Credit: watchsmart