Manchester and Its Football

Manchester city is the home of one of the most formidable teams in football. Manchester United has for a long time been making waves in European football and still is to this day. Winning their 20th champions league cup this year, they remain one of the most powerful teams in the leagues. Many people make hotel arrangements to stay in London near Heathrow via to get closer to the action, but you can head to Manchester and check out the source of it all. We’re taking at look at this fantastic city and its tremendous football legacy.

The city of Manchester is quite a popular one across all of the UK, and was nothing but a market town before the industrial revolution. It has since become one of the most innovative cities in UK. It is mainly known for the textile industry which was triggered by the importation of cotton through the Irwell navigation and the Mersey. It was a major transporting city thanks to the Bridgewater Canal built in 1761. It was also a stop for the first bus service that went through market Street, Peddleton and Manchester City. The first Steam engine for the railway began operating in 1830 fro Liverpool to Manchester and back. Manchester City began thriving in the 1840s as more people started moving into the city taking advantage of the opportunities that were available. This was also triggered by the Irish Potato famine which led into the Irish moving into Manchester City. The Jews, Germans and Italians also found a home in this city. The city was never known as a major football stronghold till a little later. The city was finally rejuvenated after a massive project that followed an IRA bomb that a termed as one of the most expensive hits.

Manchester United was born into the League in 1892 and was known as Newton heath LYR FC before. They were the first English team to play the league and win it. They lost their young players in 1958 through an air crash that changed the team. The club was started by the workers of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway station. The name was changed to Manchester United in 1902 after a group of local business men took the team over. They coined the red shirt which to this day is Manchester United’s official shirt. They won their first league championship cup in 1908 and in 1911. The also won their first FA cup in 1909 and that was the end of the streak till after the Second World War. Matt Busby elevated the team from the second division thanks to his revolutionary leadership. They were the runners up in the FA cup in 1947 and 1949 winning the 1948 one. They have over time beaten surprising odds to remain among the top teams. Their enemy for a long time has been Arsenal in the UK and Bayern Munich from Germany. Real Madrid from the South has also for a long time been their marked challengers. Manchester City is their home rival team which has now become a formidable force thanks to changes in management.

You can get Manchester united game tickets by becoming an official member of the club. The tickets will cost 25 pounds to 45 pounds. There is a membership fee that will also need to be paid. It is not a guarantee that this will get you to watch a match as the tickets sell like gold. You can also book a ticket to Manchester and stay at one of the Manchester Airport Hotels through to save a few pounds that can be put toward seeing a match!

The best way is to find out more information and how you can get the tickets from the fan base which runs deep. The tickets remain tricky to get but not unachievable if you want a taste of the Old Trafford stars. The team having hailed form a humble background has grown to become one of the most spectacular teams in the world worth watching.

Photo Credit: Paolo Camera