Take on Traveling with Baby

It is a brave new parent (or parents) indeed who is willing to travel with baby in tow. Whether it’s an obligatory work trip, a family reunion your conscience just won’t let you miss, or simply the vacation you’ve been needing for a while now, traveling with an infant can be extremely difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! With the right preparation and tricks, you can make it there and back with a smile on your face. One particular aspect of the prep work is what clothes to buy and/or pack for your baby before leaving. Check out our three tips for taking baby clothes – and baby, of course – on vacation.

Avoid Weather Woes

The biggest factor to consider when planning your vacation with tot in tow? It’s hands down the weather. It should go without saying that the temperature of your destination should factor into your clothing choices for both you and your baby, but seriously consider planning a vacation to a more temperate place in the first place. That way, you avoid extreme conditions that could be upsetting to baby. Remember, babies are much more susceptible to extreme heat or cold than we are. For those warmer vacations, make sure you have some soft, light fabrics for baby, to avoid rashes and irritation. And for colder weather, make sure to have lots and lots (did we say lots?) of layers. Also, make sure to have coverings for baby and stroller in case of rain, and something to cover those rosy cheeks if you’re anticipating high winds.

Accept the Need for Accessories

Ok, so picking up those adorable mini baby accessories is pretty fun. But many new parents avoid them, assuming that that’s a great way to save some money. But think about it – accessories are often quite useful, and they’re also usually something baby doesn’t grow out of quite a quickly. Sunglasses on an infant are notoriously adorable, but they also protect baby’s sensitive eyes. Mittens, scarves and the likes also help protect baby from the wind and bite of colder weather.

Save Everything

Any new parent knows that baby “stuff” is seemingly more easily accrued than bills. Baby clothes breed like rabbits. That’s because your little one is growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up, and that means onesies and similar items begin to stack up. So it’s easy to think that buying special clothes for baby to wear on vacation is an extravagance you won’t have space for once you get home. But think again! If you’re smart about what you buy, you can transition those vacation duds right into every day wear once you return. To that end, err on the side of safety and buy vacation baby clothes a size bigger than you normally would. And even when baby outgrows them, save save save. You never know when baby number two will come along, and it’ll be time to break out the baby clothes from your trip. The cherry on top of that cake will be that means it’s time for another vacation!

These tips can help make your vacation a smoother experience than one might normally expect when traveling with a baby. Just remember to have fun and expect the unexpected. And bring diapers!