Planning a Romantic Wedding in Paris, France

If you are thinking about locations for your wedding, why not consider Paris, France? Commonly regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world, the City of Lights is the perfect place to start your new lives together.

Wedding Planners

Hiring a local wedding planner is one of the easiest ways to make the wedding day happen as smoothly as possible. If you don’t speak French, check out websites to help you learn the language or try to find a planner who is also fluent in English and can act as a go-between for venues, vendors, and other people involved who may not speak English as well, if at all.

Understand the Culture

When you decide to have a wedding in another country, you may start to realize that dealing with people will be quite different. For example, you might tell your florist that you want yellow centerpieces, and he or she might tell you that yellow is the color of cuckold (or adultery) so it is bad luck to have that in your wedding colors. You might also send a few emails and never hear anything back from a vendor that comes highly regarded in the wedding industry. Have patience and try several avenues before giving up on a vendor completely.

Plan Ahead

If you have family and friends who will be traveling to Paris for the occasion, you may want to send out your Save the Dates as soon as possible. Flights to Paris can be expensive from various parts of the world, so you will want to give as much advance notice to guests as possible. You can also consider booking rooms for your guests at one of the many Paris hotels, so they won’t have to worry about trying to make reservations. This also makes it easier to confer with all the guests at once, since they will all be in one place.

Use Resources

Since many people from around the globe come to Paris for their weddings, there are quite a few skilled professionals who have experience in wedding planning. You can reach out to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau and/or the French Embassy for tips on planning the perfect wedding. These staff members may have experiences of their own that they can share, or they can put you in contact with vendors that they trust. Sometimes you can rely on them to help with translation.

Unique Touches

The backdrop and scenery are two of the main reasons that people choose Paris as the location for their nuptials, but there are also a lot of unique cultural aspects that help it to feel special. You might want to serve guests a traditional French meal or give delicate French macarons as favors. These special touches will also help guests to remember your wedding for years to come.

As you consider your options for planning your dream wedding, it may be worth considering holding the event in Paris, France. It will certainly be an event to remember for all involved, and it will make it easy to start your honeymoon as soon as you say, “I do.”