Planning Your Trip: What to Be Aware of

While booking your dream holiday is the fun part, knowing some extra snippets of information that will help along the way is a bonus. Whether you need to know where you can park your car or wondering how much stuff you can cram into your case without going over the limits, planning your trip is crucial. 

Airport Parking 

Leeds Bradford airport car parking is both reasonably priced and incredibly convenient. If you’re travelling to the airport in your own car on the morning of departure, be sure to book your airport parking online before you go to save money.

Airport facilities 

Whether you are travelling on business and you need to make use of the Wi-Fi facilities or you’re hoping to do a spot of shopping before you fly, knowing what amenities the airport provides can help.

If you’re hoping to rest before you fly, check out the onsite airport hotels for reasonable rates and a comfortable room for the night.


Depending on where in the world you’re heading, you may require a course of tablets or vaccinations before you fly. This is particularly important in the subtropics, such as Africa and India, as well as the West Indies and the Orient. Make sure your jabs are up to date, to ensure your health won’t suffer.

Baggage Limits 

Prepare yourself before you fly by being aware of the maximum allowances that are in force, when it comes to suitcases. Adhere to the dimensions of cabin baggage and make use of your bathroom scales to weigh your suitcases before you head for the departure lounge. Airline limits may differ, so make sure your bags aren’t too heavy, else you’ll be landed with unwanted excess baggage fees.

With plenty of information available via the Thomas Cook holidays website, you can be fully informed before you fly. Start planning your next vacation, today.