5 Ways to Save Money for the Trip of a Lifetime

Trip of a Lifetime

Exploring foreign lands and finding out about various cultures and history can bring about the most memorable times of your life. Travelers increasingly choose to head off to more unusual places, exploring Antartica or getting a taste of the wildlife in Okavango or Namibia. Some people think they will never be able to afford a major trip, but if you plan ahead, then you can easily get there. So, where do you want to go and how will you save the money you need to realize your dream? Saving for the trip of your lifetime may seem daunting, especially when you need to continue to pay the usual bills in the meantime. But it’s not impossible, so follow our tips.

Budget Your Lifestyle
Consider your monthly expenditures and think about where you can save money. Even if switching to a new energy supplier saves you $30 per month, it all adds up! Walking to work or to town could save you gas money. Inviting your friends over for a home-cooked meal saves money, rather than going out for dinner, and inviting your friends around for a drink is much cheaper than going out to a bar! Contemplate all the different areas of your life that you could budget and then do it – all these small savings add up.

Organize some Poker Home Games

In order to raise a bit extra for your trip, invite friends over and have some fun with a home poker game. The stakes don’t need to be high but you can still add a few dollars to your travel pot! And there are some ways to get the upper hand by creating distractions like topping up drinks and turning up the music. In order to spot your friends’ tells, watch for their mannerisms like eye movements and hand gestures. Reading body language can be a big giveaway, so make sure you also keep a neutral face that gives nothing away!

Start Using Coupons

You will be surprised how much money people save when they start using coupons. Whether it’s loyalty card reward vouchers or coupons from the local newspaper, they all save money in the long run. You can also sign up for money-saving sites which can give you some good discounts or special offers. For example, a site like coupon.com regularly has some great discounts on household products.

Sell Your Unwanted Items!

Most of us have clutter and many things that we no longer use or need. Have a good sort out and put aside what you could sell. You no longer need the old garden furniture in the garage, the ‘spare’ hoover and washing machine, or even the set of golf clubs that you never got around to even opening! Register for your local yard sale or sell through local social media sites and for items that you no longer need, it’s a great way to save money!

Save on Food Shopping

It only takes a few minutes of looking online to find out what you can save on your shopping bill. If one supermarket sells several products cheaper than another, it’s worth making two trips. Shop around and find out the right supermarkets for the cheapest deals. For example look out for the cheaper alternative to your favorite L’Oreal shampoo products in Wal-Mart’s own range to save money. Exchanging your branded shopping items for the supermarket’s own choice could be saving you hundreds of dollars a year!

There are many other ways to save money for the trip of your dreams, from writing a shopping list and sticking to it to repairing your clothes instead of buying new ones or getting energy-saving light bulbs. So as from today, you have no excuse. Share your tips with us in the comments!