The Best UK Ferry Trips

When you are vacationing in the UK, ferry rides are one of the best ways to travel around. A ferry ride around the UK gives you more perspective and a completely rounded vacation. Moreover, you will be able to see a lot of exotic sights whose memories will last for a long time. When you are on a short break in UK, nothing is more exciting and relaxing than an overnight ferry. You can enjoy great deals to the UK by taking a ferry ride. Here is an overview of three great ferry trips in UK.

Oban Bay to South Uist, Scotland

If you want a picturesque ferry ride in the UK, there is no need to travel to far-off destinations. Hebridean Islands in Scotland are beautiful and mesmerizing for all nature lovers. Seals are quite common in the region, and you may also spot whales and dolphins with some luck. As you island-hop in this area, it is worth keeping your eyes on the water. Oban Bay to South Uist is one of the most scenic routes in UK. You will be mesmerized by the passing view of rolling hills, soaring mountains and beautiful islands like Lismore and the Sound of Mull. There are also some monuments with historic value. Some of these include Duart Castle, Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse and the Bay of Tobermory. It is a five hour journey which also takes you to the white sand beaches of Eriskay and Barra, before finally reaching South Uist.

Dover, Portsmouth, Plymouth Ports

If you want to catch a ferry to France, there are three major ports to do so. Dover, Portsmouth and Plymouth are popular ports where you can get some good deals. You can catch a ferry from Dover to Dunkerque and Calais, while ferries from Portsmouth go to Caen, Le Havre and Cherbourg. A ferry to Roscoff can be easily taken from Plymouth. Taking a ferry to France is a lovely and memorable experience. When you catch a ferry to France from Dover, Portsmouth and Plymouth, you can also take your van or car with you. A ferry from these ports will be cheaper than other alternatives.

Dublin to Holyhead

There are usually eight sailings a day on the Dublin-Holyhead route. The cruise ferry takes three and a quarter hours across the water. On the other hand, the Dublin Swift takes one hour and three quarters across the water. You can taken an en-suite cabin in an overnight ferry from Dublin to Holyhead. This will make your journey even more luxurious and comfortable. The ferry companies from Dublin to Holyhead have not added extra fuel surcharges even when the fuel prices have substantially affected the economy. A club class lounge will also be a good option on a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead.

Usually, ferry companies try to make your travel as easy and comfortable as possible. There are also special arrangements for cars, bikes and caravans. Deals on ferry rides aren’t hard to find, and they can significantly reduce the overall cost of your trip. It is always better to book in advance so that you can get some exciting offers and privileges.

Photo Credit: Martin Pettitt