Three Must See Sights Along the Gold Coast

With its spectacular beauty, the Gold Coast attracts thousands of visitors every year. Not only has this place garnered the attention of individuals for its scenic beauty, but it has also made individuals’ heads turn for the plethora of activities and sights tourists and travelers can check out while there. Tourism industries of the Gold Coast have made great progress in the recent years. Thus, whether you’ve selected this region to go on a family vacation or you just want to visit it with your friends, be sure to do your research in advance to find the most attractive activities for you. From surfing, to camping, to world-class shopping, Gold Coast has something for everyone. We check out three of our favorites.

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park is located on the waterfront of Tallebudgera Estuary. This place is definitely ideal for those who are planning a water based holiday. Some of the fun activities you’re likely to experience when you visit this place include canoeing, windsurfing, water-skiing, boating, fishing, swimming and many more. In Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park, there’s a wide range of the accommodation options. For instance, there are 7 lodging sites and rooms that offer picturesque views of the Tallebudgera Conversation Park. It’s a great place to take in the natural and unique beauty of Gold Coast.

Burleigh Heads

In front of Pandanus Trees National Park you’ll be able to see the magnificent Burleigh Heads. When the rest of this coast is closed out, Burleigh will still be holding its activities. Among the many fun activities that you’re likely to experience when you visit this place include the Burleigh surf contest. This activity can provide a great day out in the sunshine for all your family members or friends. In fact, the beach is family-friendly all year long, with surf board rentals and lessons for people of all ages. You can also get a chance to see the best world’s surfers, who every year usually compete in different surfing contests taking place in the Burleigh.

Purlingbrook Falls

You can check out Purlingbrook Falls when you visit the central section of the Springbrook National Park in Springbrook. After heavy rains, falling waters usually create a visual feast for the adventurer’s eyes, which usually attracts large number of the tourists visiting the Gold Coast region. However, tourists visiting the place must ensure that they take precautions, as the dangers from the falling rocks during the landslides can be very hazardous. Thus, it’s advisable not to walk along the tracks, which pass the base of the Purlingbrook falls.

Regardless of whether you’re an adventure junkie, surf aficionado, or just a family looking for a fun-filled, sunny getaway, Gold Coast offers something for everyone. And it’re more affordable than ever. Make sure you get the best Gold Coast accommodation to ensure you’re able to hit the beach, parks and legendary shopping by checking out deals online. And make sure to verify how far your accommodations are from the beach! If you’re looking for a trip filled with surf and sand, it pays to confirm you’re within walking distance.

Photo Credit: eGuide Travel